Photo: Matti Bernitz/

Rampestreken Viewpoint

If you want the best view of the alpine town of Åndalsnes, take a hike up the Romsdalstrappa to the Rampestreken view point. This amazing view point at 537 meters above sea level will give you butterflies in your stomach!

The easiest way to get to Rampestreken view point is to hike up Romsdalstrappa, a mountain path which is easily accessible from Åndalsnes. The Romsdalstrappa is a set of stairs which were build by sherpas from Nepal. The hike is steep and it takes approx. 1.5 hours to reach the unique view point of Rampestreken.

Rampestreken is a 20-metre long steel ramp of which 8 metres seem to hang in the air. Standing at the edge of the ramp you will get the feeling of hovering over Åndalsnes and the fjord far below.

This amazing view will for sure take your breath away!


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