Video: Fjordsafari Norway AS, Flåm
Video: Fjordsafari Norway AS, Flåm

Winter fjord safari and viking dinner in Flam

Join in on a winter adventure with a RIB-boat tour on the the Aurlandsfjord and the Nærøyfjord, followed by a delicious dinner at Ægir Brewpub in Flåm!

2h, 30min
10.JAN - 31.MAR

On this fjord safari, you will be cruising the fjords in an open RIB boat with a maximum capacity of 12 people. This ensures a personal experience with your guides and a chance to get close to small villages and waterfalls along the way.

Tour description

This tour starts in Flåm where you will be provided with all the necessary gear for a safe and comfortable experience of the fjords. Your guide will share stories, local history, and even some tales from this spectacular area. On your way back to Flåm you visit the charming small village of Undredal for some hot beverages and a chance to sample the famous local goat cheese!

After a fresh winter day out on the fjord, you continue your evening in cozy surroundings at Ægir BrewPub. Relax in front of the tall fireplace and enjoy a 5-course Vikingplank dinner in the upstairs restaurant.

The dinner includes smoked reindeer, shellfish, fish and shellfish soup, pork shank, and dark chocolate ganache cake. You will be served 5 Ægir beers with your dinner, but there are of course alcohol-free options available if you prefer. Enjoy!