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Glamping: The fashionable big sister of camping

Glamping is when you combine the best of camping with the best of a luxurious hotel experience, where you enjoy “friluftsliv” (the outdoors) with comfort. When you "glamp", there are no tent poles to be fitted, no sleeping bags to roll out, and it should not be far to the nearest toilet.
Glamping Dome at Trolltunga - Activities in Odda, Norway
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Whether you choose to live in a tent, cabin, igloo, wooden house, or in a lavvo, the concept is that luxury must not be sacrificed - even outdoors. It is a trend that grows in popularity every year.
Glamping life -Trøndelag, Norway
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What is glamping?

The name glamping is a fusion of camping and glamor. The core of glamping is that it is an experience where nature meets modern facilities and the little extra. Actually, one can say that glamping in itself is an old concept. When Henry VIII traveled to France in 1520, a camp was set up with 2800 tents where all were like small palaces in themselves, which gave it the name Gullbrokadeeleiren.
Today, glamping offers the back to nature experience, but also the luxury of our time - pools, jacuzzis, heated floors, and WiFi.
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The lovely life of glamping
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Glamping at Trolltunga

If you are looking for a spectacular and unique glamping tour, Glamping at Trolltunga is the one! On this guided tour you hike to Trolltunga and spend the night in a dome! Upon arrival at Trolltunga, you check out the dome and a delicious outdoor dinner is prepared. The dome is located at a good distance from the main trail, which makes for a quiet and off-the-beaten-track experience.
The view from Trolltunga as the sun disappears into orange painted clouds behind the Folgefonna glacier is a fantastic and magical experience. The following morning, wake up to the warm sun with Trolltunga almost completely for yourself.
Glamping at Trolltunga - Odda, Norway
Algirdas Zabitis
If you want a thrilling experience you should try the Trolltunga Via Ferrata Glamping tour. Climb up the steep face of the mountain, the air swirling around and beneath you as you gain height. At the summit, you find the arctic dome. You enjoy the evening as the sun sets and paint the sky. 
Experience the sunset and sunrise at Trolltunga from a dome - a beautiful, intense, magical, and truly unique nature experience!

Glamping in wooden huts, and yurts

Log cabins are maybe pushing the boundaries of what is considered glamping by purists but Norway has so many it’s hard to pass them by. These practical little abodes are one of the most accessible and cost-effective accommodations available in Norway.
Glamping in Trøndelag - Norway
Marius Rua/Buckethouse
Did you know: Most Norwegian families have a cabin in other parts of the country that they visit every holiday. You can also rent cabins almost everywhere you go, and if you are traveling by yourself, you can pop into one of Turistforeningens cabins for a night or two (remember to check that you don’t need a kea to enter)
In Asia however, things are done a little differently. The Central Asian nomads have lived in yurts for over 3000 years. A yurt has a wooden frame covered by a tent cloth or canvas. A glamping yurt can also be bigger than your first student apartment! It has a smart design that hardly needs to be improved to be both warm, comfortable, and luxurious.
The Norwegian version would have to be a Lavvu which is similar to the Tipis used by Native American Indians. These Lavvus are still used today by the nomadic Sami reindeer herders in the far North. Norway has the freedom to roam and it is allowed to pitch a tent almost anywhere.
Lavvu - Tromsø, Norway
Anne Olsen Ryum / Www.Nordnorge.Com

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