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Norwegian Harbors & Coastal Cities

Although Norway’s interior offers its fair share of beauty, the coast is what a lot of tourists flock to see. The country has no shortage of fantastic harbors and coastal cities that offer tons of wildlife, unique architecture, and other intriguing elements that you will not be able to find anywhere else. If you are interested in traveling to Norway, then here are the harbors and coastal cities that you will want to put at the top of your list.
The Bergen bay, Vågen, seen from the air - Bergen Norway
Bergen Tourist Board / Eivind Senneset – visitBergen.com


Throughout Northern Norway, there is no coastal city that is more celebrated than Tromsø. This destination is located over 300 kilometers above the Arctic Circle and offers a wide variety of activities to participate in, including the Tromsø fjord and wildlife cruise.
However, you can also participate in some fishing, hiking, whale spotting, kayaking, dog sledding, or even just take some time to learn about the vibrant history of this incredible city by going on a city walk.
Art Nouveau style of Ålesund , Norway
Samuel Taipale/visitnorway.com


Located on the west coast of Norway is this gorgeous city that is known as the Adventure Capital of the Fjords. It is world-renowned for its incredible art nouveau architecture. This unique architecture is the result of a massive fire in 1904 and has resulted in a city that is a unique mix of both old and new buildings, with a style that resembles some of Europe’s other most exotic cities like Brussels and Prague.
With mountains, fjords, and the ocean all found within only a few minutes of the city center, it is a place where you can experience a little bit of everything.
Bergen Harbor - Bergem Norway
Bergen Tourist Board / Lars Korvald - visitBergen.com


Although Bergen is the second-largest city in the entire country, it still has many elements of a smaller community that give it a uniquely upscale yet cozy atmosphere. A big part of the community throughout this southern city is the fishing industry, which is actually so big that there is even a world-class Norwegian Fisheries Museum that is dedicated to celebrating the history and importance of Norway’s fisheries.
You will also want to make sure to take a walk through Bryggen Harbor in order to enjoy the group of commercial buildings that have been added to the UNESCO’s World Heritage List.
If you ever want to head out of the action, then you can easily travel up to one of Bergen’s seven mountains that surround the bustling Norwegian city. Once there, feel free to do some hiking and get some spectacular views of the city below.
Kirkenes - Norway
Trym Ivar Bergsmo / Www.Nordnorge.Com


Another Northern Norway gem is the small fishing town of Kirkenes. This town is not only located right along the coast but is also only a short drive away from Russia. What really makes this town so impressive is the fact that it is home to a thriving deep-sea fishing industry. The boats that dock at the harbor pull in plenty of interesting catches every day, which provides you with opportunities to capture some king crabs, cod, catfish, halibut, and more. Also, when it comes time to sleep, you can stay in the world-famous Kirkenes Snowhotel, which is built entirely from snow every year.
From Kirkenes, you can make your way down south as part of the Hurtigruten coastal cruise and make 34 scenic stops along the way until reaching Bergen.
If you want to explore Norway’s spectacular coast, then you will want to make sure that these coastal cities are included in the list of places that you plan on visiting.

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