Photo: © Helge Stikbakke / Statens vegvesen

The best drives in the world

Experience Norway by car! We have compiled a list of some of the best car routes and drives in Norway. Enjoy stunning nature scenery along the national tourist routes and find hidden gems along the way.


Oslo - Bergen, The Hardangervidda Route

A scenic drive across the Hardangervidda, Europes greatest mountain plateau, and the beautiful Hardangerfjord. This drive turns the journey between Oslo and Bergen into a unique nature experience.

Oslo - Bergen, The Aurlandsfjellet route

The magnificent Nærøyfjord. Beautiful fjord districts. The drive via the Aurland mountain is the spectacular journey between east and west.

Stavanger - Bergen, The Discovery route

Enjoy the lush Hardanger region and dramatic Ryfylke on the road from Bergen to Stavanger.

Bergen - Trondheim, via Geiranger and Gaularfjellet

Not the quickest, but definitely the most beautiful drive between Bergen and Trondheim. Experience great highlights in Fjord Norway.

Bergen - Sognefjord, Highlights of Sognefjord

Complete freedom, at your own pace. Go on a round trip by car from Bergen and experience the best of the many pearls in the Sognefjord.

Oslo - Trondheim, via Rondane and Røros

Experience the breathtaking mountain scenery of Rondane and the beautiful mountain village Røros on the road between Oslo and Trondheim.

Oslo - Stavanger, The Discovery route

Experience beautiful Telemark and the dramatic Ryfylke on the road from Oslo to Stavanger.

Trondheim - Bodø, via Helgelandskysten

Breathtaking scenery, six ferry rides, a magnificent coastline and beautiful mountains.

Bodø - Tromsø, via Lofoten

One of the worlds most beautiful mountain landscapes and the wild coastal scenery. Experience Lofoten, Andøya and Senja on the road between Bodø and Tromsø.

Kristiansand - Stavanger, via Jæren

Beautiful light and long beaches. The road between Kristiansand and Stavanger runs along the quiet countryside with magnificent sea views.

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