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Legendary Lofoten

Round trip from Bodø

Sognefjord in a nutshell

Sognefjord in a nutshell

Sognefjord in a nutshell

with glacier hiking at Nigardsbreen

Cider Tour

in the Hardangerfjord

Hardangerfjord in a nutshell


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To help you make the most of your time in Norway, we’ve hand-picked a selection of exciting activities - some natural, some cultural and all a lot of fun.


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Articles / 14 May 2020
Your Guide to Norway

Norway is one of the most beautiful and varied countries you will ever visit. With the midnight sun and Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) in the North, striking blue seas in the South, viking ships in the cultural capital Oslo to the East and world famous turquoise fjords and snow-capped mountains in the West.

Articles / 6 Feb 2020
Norway: A Top Destination For Sustainable Travel

There is no doubt that the landscape and scenery found in Norway is one of a kind. It might be one of the reasons that the country consistently ranks highly on the UN’s World Happiness Report. Norwegians are known for being an active population that embraces the great outdoors and all it has to offer.

Articles / 19 Mar 2019
The Fjords of Norway

For many visitors, the fjords of Norway are some of the most spectacular in the world and the main attraction when it comes to exploring this beautiful country. But what’s so special about the fjords of Norway and how are they formed exactly?

Articles / 24 Apr 2020
A Fjord for Everyone

It seems like everywhere you look in Norway, there is another amazing fjord full of dazzling sights and experiences. With over 1,100 fjords throughout the country, even most locals have not seen them all. But, when you visit Norway, going on a fjord safari is an absolute must since they are such a big part of the country’s identity.

Articles / 4 Mar 2020
The History of Cider Production In Norway

Did you know that cider production and manufacturing has a long and storied tradition in Norway? It is a little known fact about the Scandanavian country that often surprises people. However, with the recent rise in popularity of the drink in Norway, all that will likely change very soon.

Articles / 28 Apr 2020
Sustainable Tourism

In today’s tourism climate people are eager to experience a unique destination while ensuring that the environmental impact stays as low as possible. As a society, we are slowly becoming more environmentally aware, striving to become as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible.