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Fjord Tours Travel Guide App

Did you know that Fjord Tours has a Travel Guide App? The app contains loads of interesting information for travelers in Norway. When you buy one of our "in a nutshell"-tours, you will also get access to the digital Travel Guide within the app!

The Fjord Tours Travel Guide contains maps, points of interests, hotels, activities and attractions. The map navigation in the app will also give you directions to these various points of interest.

If you are traveling on the Norway in a nutshell® tour you will also receive digital guiding on your phone/tablet as you proceed along your travel route. The app has loads of interesting facts and recommendations about the area you are traveling in. A guidebook - in your pocket!

Please note: Per today the Travel Guide App will only be accessible when you are in Norway.

Fjord Tours Travel Guide App Download

Good to know

The App is available to download for anyone, but some information is only available for customers who have bought a tour from Fjord Tours. Travelers on the Norway in a nutshell® tour can receive push notifications from the area they are traveling in, based on geo-location.

When you are approaching a point of interest, you will receive a push notification about this. For example: Before you arrive in Flåm, you will receive a notification with facts and information about Flåm. You will receive access to all content by logging in with your last name and reference number from your booking confirmation.

Other features and quick facts:

  • The App is based on geo-location and precise within meters
  • You can set your preferences and interests within the app. For example: You can choose to see all activities nearby or for example only see kayaking activities
  • Each activity or accommodation page contains a booking link, if you want to book online
  • You can change your settings within the app, to cater to your wishes and requirements

Happy Apping!


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