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A safe journey with Fjord Tours

When you book a tour or activity from Fjord Tours, you can rest assured that your tour or activity is conducted in a safe manner. Our providers within transport, activities, and hotels have all implemented several procedures in relation to infection control. They also comply with the guidelines and measures set by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health.


All our transport and activity providers comply with the basic infection prevention measures communicated by The Norwegian Institute of Public Health (FHI). We encourage our travelers to also follow these basic guidelines:

  • People who are sick or feeling sick, should not travel on any tour or join in on any activities
  • Abide by good hand- and cough hygiene
  • Take contact reducing measures when you can



Our partners, suppliers and providers

Fjord Tours offers tours, hotels, and activities all over the country. We work with a number of different suppliers within transport, accommodation, and activities. These partners have all implemented measures in regards to the Coronavirus.

We want you to feel safe when booking a tour, accommodation, or activity from us. If you are interested in learning more about our partners' various actions and preventive measures, you will find more information on this page.




Our partners Vy and Flåmsbana have introduced comprehensive measures to combat spreading the Coronavirus infection.  They follow the guide prepared by FHI, in collaboration with the UIC (The Worldwide Railway Association).

In addition to the basic infection control measures, the main features and action points are listed here:

  • Facilitating good hand hygiene for employees and customers
  • Hand disinfectant in appropriate areas, such as entry/exit areas of the train
  • Reinforced cleaning and contact reducing measures
  • Only 50 percent of the passenger capacity is used
  • Contactless ticket and payment
  • Passengers are encouraged to use the nearest toilet, and queues at toilets should be avoided
  • Contact between employees and passengers is limited
  • Employees have received training in the new routines and will comply with these
  • Travelers will receive information on recommended infection control measures during the journey


Regional trains, Vy: Bergen - Oslo and vice versa

Only window seats are used so that only 50% of the seats will be available. For families and groups that are allowed to sit together, the conductor has seats that can be used. These cannot be ordered in advance and must be arranged onboard, please speak to the train conductor. The seats are not physically marked or blocked on board the train.

Travelers are required to keep their distance and use all available entrances and carts to make use of the space. Extra cleaning is carried out on important contact surfaces onboard and the trains are washed with disinfectant. Travelers are asked to present the ticket to ticket controllers without being prompted and encouraged to handle their own luggage. There will be information on board the trains via posters and speakers. The Cafe and vending machines will be closed, and travelers are encouraged to bring their own food and drink for the trip.

Local trains, Vy: Bergen - Voss - Myrdal and vice versa

Vy has reduced the seating capacity to 50% on board in all local trains. Seats that cannot be used are clearly marked. In order to maintain the recommended distance, the seats are marked in a zig-zag pattern on board the train.

Flåmsbana, Flåm Utvikling: Flåm - Myrdal and vice versa

Flåmsbana has reduced its capacity to 50% to facilitate the for all passengers to keep the recommended distance. Flåmsbana will not have physical barriers or blocked out seats onboard. Information and advice about keeping distance will be posted on posters and via the screens onboard.





Fjordcruise, The Fjords: Flåm - Gudvangen or vice versa

Our transport partner The Fjords have reduced to 50% passenger capacity to facilitate that all passengers can keep to the recommended distance. Travelers are asked to keep the necessary distance and use the available entrances. Entrance and exit areas will be clearly marked with signs. Extra cleaning is carried out on the main contact surfaces on board.

Travelers are asked to present their tickets to staff without being prompted and are encouraged to handle their own luggage. There will be information onboard digitally and via the speakers. The Cafe and vending machines will be closed, but travelers can bring their own food and drinks for the trip.




Skyss: Voss – Gudvangen or vice versa

Travelers are asked to keep a distance to everyone around them onboard the bus. This also includes the bus driver. Do not board the bus without first checking if there is enough room and maintain distance to other travelers.

Only 50% of the bus capacity will be used and half the seats will be clearly marked as blocked off. Maintain good hand and cough hygiene and follow the basic infection control measures.


Other suppliers and partners


Activity suppliers and partners

Several of our activity providers have reduced their capacity in order to maintain sufficient distance between participants.

Some activity providers have also decided to suspend operations for the current season, as they will find it difficult to conduct the activity in compliance with the recommended safety measures. Of course, some activities are easier to conduct in line with the recommendations than others.

Suppliers of all activities that are possible to order on our website have introduced measures to safeguard the safety of all participants.


Our hotel partners also follow the advice of the health authorities and have implemented several infection control measures. The measures taken may vary from hotel to hotel, but many hotels have implemented the following:

  • More rigorous cleaning routines of common areas, as well as disinfection of doorknobs, card terminals, lift buttons and so on
  • Increased focus on hand hygiene with extra stations for hand disinfection
  • Food served will in many cases be packaged or served as plate dishes. Some hotels will facilitate for visitors to eat in their room
  • The staff has been given instructions and guidelines on how to behave in order to maintain extra good hygiene

You will receive more information at the hotel you will be staying at either via staff, screens or posters.


Follow the general guidelines and have a safe journey!