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A safe journey with Fjord Tours

When you book a trip or activity from Fjord Tours, you can be sure that the trip or activity takes place in a safe way. Our transport and activity suppliers have introduced comprehensive measures in relation to infection control and comply with current national guidelines.


Our partners, suppliers and providers

Fjord Tours offers tours, hotels, and activities all over the country. We work with a number of different suppliers within transport, accommodation, and activities. These partners have all implemented measures in regard to the Coronavirus.

We want you to feel safe when booking a tour, accommodation, or activity from us. If you are interested in learning more about our partners' various actions and preventive measures, you will find more information on this page.




The Bergen Railway and Flåmsbana

Vy and Flåmsbana follow the national authorities' guidelines for infection control. The safety of guests and employees is taken very seriously, and guests are encouraged to follow the National Institute of Public Health's recommendations and measures.

In addition to the basic infection control measures, the main features and action points are listed here:

  • Everyone has a responsibility to maintain the necessary distance from others on board our trains, and it is essential that everyone uses all available doors and carriages to ensure that all space is used.
  • We are implementing additional cleaning for key contact surfaces on board.
  • We ask that all passengers use the Vy app to purchase tickets and that they have a valid ticket prior to boarding.
  • We ask that all passengers display their ticket unprompted to our on board crew during ticket checks.
  • We would urge all passengers to carry their own luggage insofar as this is possible.
  • We will provide passenger information on board via posters and announcements.
  • We have blocked 50 per cent of all seats from sale on board our services on the Bergen Line.
  • We have temporarily closed the play rooms on board trains on the Bergen Line.
  • Regulations for the prevention of infection are also be applied on board rail replacement services.

The Norwegian Institute of Public Health recommends that travellers use face masks during periods when there are large increases in infections, or in local areas where infections are on the rise. There may be reasons why travellers are unable to use face masks and this must be respected.




Fjordcruise, The Fjords: Flåm - Gudvangen or vice versa

The Fjords DA follows the national authorities' guidelines for infection control. The safety of guests and employees is taken very seriously, and guests are encouraged to follow the National Institute of Public Health's recommendations and measures. Our goal is for our guests and employees to feel safe and have a good experience.

General measures: Cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces that employees and guests come into contact with.

Focus on: That employees and guests can keep their distance and have good hand hygiene (soap and water or antibac). The Fjords has reduced to 75% passenger capacity to facilitate so that all passengers can keep the recommended distance. It is signposted as all boarders enter one entrance and use another exit. This is clearly marked.

Travelers are asked to show the ticket unsolicited to employees who check the tickets and it is encouraged to handle their own luggage as much as possible. There will be information on board digitally and via loudspeaker.




Skyss: Voss – Gudvangen or vice versa

Travelers are asked to keep a safe distance from everyone around them, including the driver.

Do not board the bus without seeing that there is room to keep a good distance from other travelers.

The use of a face mask is recommended when it is not possible to keep a distance of 1 meter on the bus. You can not sit on locked seats.

Maintain good hand and cough hygiene and follow basic infection control measures.


Express Boat


Norled - Bergen-Flåm-Bergen, Norheimsund-Eidfjord-Norheimsund

General Measures

  • Keep a good distance on board and when landing and boarding
  • All surfaces that employees and guests come in contact with are frequently cleaned and disinfected
  • It is important that guests and staff keep a good distance and have good hand hygiene (soap and water or antibac)
  • You will find dispensers with disinfectants readily available in the salon, at the kiosk and in the toilet. Use them diligently
  • Please wear a face mask when boarding and disembarking, shopping in a kiosk, when staying in passenger areas and on toilets
  • Note that face masks do not replace the need to keep your distance according to national recommendations

General advice for travelers

  • If you are ill or suspect that you are ill, you should not travel
  • Consider the necessity of completing the journey.
  • Avoid coughing and sneezing in the direction of fellow passengers. If you have to cough or sneeze, you should do this in a disposable handkerchief or in the elbow hook.
  • Make sure you maintain good hand hygiene before, during and after the trip. Pay extra attention to this when you have been in direct contact with common contact points, such as handles, signal buttons, armrests, etc. Avoid touching surfaces when not necessary.
  • Try to keep a safe distance from other passengers. It is recommended to keep a distance of at least one meter to other passengers on public transport.
  • Be sure to show consideration for fellow passengers and other travelers, especially the elderly


Follow the general guidelines and have a safe journey!