Vídeo: © FjordGuiding DA
Vídeo: © FjordGuiding DA

Safari costero en Bergen

Embárcate en un safari en lancha por los fiordos para disfrutar de Bergen de una manera única y emocionante. ¡Abróchate el cinturón y disfruta de la ciudad desde una nueva perspectiva durante una aventura en lancha de alta velocidad!

50 min.
18 JUN. - 20 AGO.

A RIB-boat adventure is an exciting and fun way to experience Norway's second-largest city and the area around it! 

Descripción del recorrido

The excitement starts when you meet the captain in Bergen harbor who will give you an introduction, safety info and equip you with a warm floating suit. The captain also focuses on ensuring that all passengers are well and adapts each trip to any wishes or need. After introductions, it's time to get settled in the boat, sit back for the next hour and listen to the stories from the guide as well as enjoy the fresh sea air and wind in your hair!

On your trip out of Bergen, you will experience maritime activity with everything from small boats to large cruise ships. The route continues out of the city center and the landscape changes as the city is replaced with islands and skerries and idyllic islets in the archipelago in Hjeltefjorden. Here you will really see and feel what Norwegian wild nature can offer! Out on the open sea, you'll feel the experience and adrenaline when the captain gives reves the engine and takes you on a fast-paced experience in a top modern rib with six hundred horsepower!

We head out through the narrow Misje strait to sail around Turøyna on the west side of Sotra. Here we see the great sea and feel the mighty feeling the sea gave the brave Vikings before they went on unknown adventures over a thousand years ago. On our return trip, we get close to on of Norway’s more modern adventures, which is the oil platforms at Ågotnes, and the fish farms that produce the world-famous Norwegian salmon. These more modern exploits have helped to make Norway one of the world's best economic countries to live in today.

On the return trip to Bergen, you will be greeted by the fantastic seven mountains that surround the city. The trip ends in the very heart of Bergensvågen when you get the opportunity to see the famous Hanseatic part of Bryggen and the colorful wooden houses that are on UNESCO's World Heritage List.

¡Buen viaje!