Vídeo: Hunnalvatn Media
Vídeo: Hunnalvatn Media

Excursión con raquetas de nieve en Hanguren, Voss

Participa en una excursión con raquetas de nieve en Hanguren (Voss), ¡será una experiencia invernal salvaje y aventurera que recordar! ¡Coge el teleférico de Voss en la cima del monte Hanguren y participa en una divertida excursión con raquetas de nieve!

5 horas
10 DIC. - 20 ABR.

Las raquetas de nieve te permiten moverte con facilidad por la nieve profunda y disfrutar del paisaje invernal. If you are the playful type, you'll cherish the opportunity to play around in the snow, dig a cave, slide down small cliffs, climb trees or follow grouse tracks. 

Descripción del recorrido

You meet up with your guide outside Tre Brør Kafé and Bar near Voss town square. Your guide will help you gear up with proper clothes and snowshoeing equipment. We use the gondola to reach the starting point of the snowshoeing trip, at the very top of mount Hanguren. The Gondola trip is a great ride in a comfortable cabin with a panoramic view of Voss and the surrounding mountains. Stepping off the Voss Gondola, you find yourself within reach of some really lovely mountain terrain with excellent views of the area.

This trip is a good way for you to get a real winter experience without using skis. This is a non-technical and family-friendly experience in the snow. During a typical day out, your guide will make sure you learn basic skills for safe travel in winter, introduce you to both nature and local culture and make sure you feel comfortable at all times.

At the lunch spot for the day, we build a bonfire and enjoy hot drinks and a bite to eat. Usaremos el calor de las llamas para preparar nuestra comida. Esta es una oportunidad perfecta para aprender cómo hacer una fogata. Si el tiempo no acompaña, uniremos fuerzas para construir un refugio improvisado que nos mantenga secos y a salvo del viento. Descubrirás que el tiempo que pases cerca del fuego es perfecto para dedicar un momento a la contemplación lejos de la civilización.

We return to the town center by the gondola after the trip.

¿Sabías que…?

As a participant on his trip you should know the following:

  • We follow the Leave No Trace principles.
  • We make use of zero-emission infrastructure whenever possible. 
  • This trip is done with snowshoes, causing no emissions and limiting the impact on nature and ecosystems.
  • Your guide will share knowledge about local culture, sites we visit, and local customs.
  • We support responsible local businesses.
  • Your guide will advocate low-impact travel and raise the participants’ awareness of local wildlife.
  • We abide by laws and regulations concerning travel in free nature and cultural landscape.
  • We seek to minimize waste, and choose products and packaging with long life spans