Foto: Friluftslek

Senderismo con raquetas de nieve hasta el mirador de Trollveggen

¡Participa en una excursión guiada con raquetas de nieve al increíble mirador de Trollveggen! ¡Un recorrido panorámico por un paisaje verdaderamente invernal rodeado de la exclusiva naturaleza Romsdals!

4 horas
15.EN. - 30.ABR.

The Trollveggen cliff is part of the mountain massif Trolltindene and is the tallest perpendicular mountain cliff in Europe with its 1.100 meters from the base to summit. On this tour, you will experience this mighty mountain cliff up close.

Descripción del recorrido

You meet up with your guide at The Norwegian Mountaineering Centre in Åndalsnes where you will receive guidance, safety instructions, and handed out snowshoes and poles before departure to the starting point of the hike at Vengjaneset.

With the mighty mountains on all sides, and together with your guide, you leisurely walk on modern snowshoes and ski poles through the valley to the path that leads you to the fantastic Trollveggen Viewpoint. Here you can look straight at the Trollveggen, down the crystal green Rauma river, and out to the elongated Romsdalsfjord, a breathtaking sight!

After enjoying the beautiful view, it's time to put on your snowshoes again and head back to Åndalsnes. A hike usually takes about 2 hours to the top and 1.5 hours on the trip down again.

¡Un tour invernal inolvidable que te hará vivir una experiencia increíble!

¡Buen viaje!