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Romsdalseggen - Excursión a pie guiada

¡Únete a una espectacular caminata sobre el increíble Romsdalseggen! ¡Vivirás una experiencia inolvidable en compañía de un guía experimentado que conoce cada piedra del camino!

8 horas
15 DE JUN. - 30 DE SEP.

Rodeado por la salvaje Romsdalsfjella y las vistas del fiordo de Romsdal, vivirás la experiencia de realizar un recorrido a pie en un entorno absolutamente espectacular.

Descripción del recorrido

The trip starts by bus from Åndalsnes to the starting point for the hike in Vengjadalen. Arriving at Vengjadalen you start the hiking trip along the river with the Vengetind mountain on the left-hand side and Romsdalshorn a little further ahead.

The hike continues with a light uphill hike before you advance to the first peak. From here and to the top you pass unique sites such as the famous "Trollveggen", the Isterdal valley with the Bispen Lake, the "King" and "Queen", and the ocean from Åndalsnes towards Molde. You will see the Isfjorden with the "Churchroof" as the most famous peak. The trip is secured by chain on all exposed parties, and with the guides, you get a safe hike over the Romsdalseggen with spectacular views in all directions.

Reaching Nesksla mountain, you will walk on a brand new path laid by Mountain Sherpas, a comfortable and safe stone trail down to the "Rampestreken" viewpoint. Here you can step out "in the air" and get an amazing view of the Romsdalen. (selfie spot # 1). Tras la parada para realizar fotografías en "Rampestreken", seguiremos el camino de escalones de piedra hasta llegar al centro de Åndalsnes, donde podrás comer, beber, ir de tiendas y disfrutar de productos exclusivos.

The trip is adjusted according to the fitness level of the group, and the professional local guides guarantee a great experience with a focus on mountain safety.

¡Buen viaje!