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Rosendal es una joya situada en el precioso fiordo de Hardanger que está rodeada por imponentes montañas. Además de una maravillosa naturaleza, Rosendal también es un pueblo con gran tradición histórica y cultural, siendo la baronía una de sus atracciones más famosas.

Mountains and glacier

Only 40 min. away from Rosendal you may join a spectacular paddeling adventure among icebergs on the Glacier Kayaking at Folgefonna activity. Together with an experienced guide you paddle quite close to Folgefonna and get to experience the impressive glacier up close. It is a powerful experience to see large parts of the glacier fall down into the lake!

Surrounded by mighty mountains, there is a variety of mountain hikes both for the ones who wish for a rough summit tour or a less demanding trail. In the past years Bondhusbreen and the ice-blue water below has become a popular instagram motive. The starting place, for the 2 hours hiking trail suitable for all, that takes you to Bondhus is just a 30 min. drive from Rosendal.

The Barony

When visiting Rosendal, a visit to the Barony is mandatory. The wonderful castle from 1665 is a journey trough different style eras and exiting stories. In additon to the unique building, the Barony is surrounded by an undesrcibably garden with 1700 flowering rose bushes. Concerts are held here in the fantastic garden during summer and is very popular among both locals and visitors.


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