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Ulvik es un precioso pueblo junto al fiordo situado en el interior del fiordo de Hardanger y que está rodeado por altas montañas, imponentes fiordos y una naturaleza virgen. On our Hardangerfjord in a Nutshell™ tour, Ulvik would be the perfect place to add an overnight stay and explore the charming place close up.

Nature and culture

With its idyllic location by the fjord, Ulvik is a great point of departure for splendid experiences in nature. A morning kayak trip would give you a wonderful start of the day if you wish to go out on the fjord. If you`re the mountain type of person then this area offers great hikes in untouched nature with mighty mountain and fjord landscapes to see.

One of our most famous poets, Olav Hauge, came from Ulvik. A visit to Haugesenteret in Ulvik will grant you the possibility to get to know the poet and his rich works better through an exciting and activity-based exposition.

Brakanes Hotel

A known item in Ulvik is the historical Brakanes Hotel, beautifully located by the edge of the water. A stay here means comfortable rooms with a sea view, traditional and local food, and an exclusive sauna and beach. An ideal place for peace of mind.

Discover Ulvik and experience Norway at its most national romantic on our Hardangerfjord in a Nutshell™ tour.


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