Avistamiento de ballenas en Skjervøy, Tromsø

Embárcate en una aventura para avistar ballenas a Skjervøy y sé testigo de un auténtico espectáculo natural cuando las orcas y las ballenas van a cazar arenques. ¡Este tour te permite llegar con comodidad a uno de los mejores puntos para avistar ballenas de Noruega y será una experiencia de día completo que incluirá tanto el desayuno como el almuerzo!

12 h 10 min
23.NOV - 15.JAN

Want to go whale watching, but prone to seasickness? Then this is an excellent option for you! On this experience, you are first transported by bus to Skjervøy, a great area for seeing the mighty whales. The whale watching is of course done at sea, but since the starting point is in Skjervøy, you do not have to cross the open sea with all its heavy waves.

Descripción del recorrido

This tour requires an early start, but rest assured, you start your day comfortably on a bus from Tromsø to beautiful Skjervøy. During the ride, you will experience the stunning landscapes of the Lyngen alps, all while enjoying your included breakfast. In Skjervøy, you board an authentic and traditional Norwegian vessel and set out to meet the ocean mammals: humpback whales, orcas/ killer whales, harbor porpoise, and others. The guide onboard will welcome you and tell you about the whales, their behavior and help you spot them along the journey.

From late October to late January each year, a large amount of herring can be found along the coast of Troms, and especially in the Skjervøy area. This is therefore the perfect location for humpback whales, orcas, and other species to come to visit and feed, making it the ideal location to go whale watching!

During the three hours of whale watching, you can enjoy an included lunch on board. You will be back in Skjervøy around 13:15 to take the bus back to Tromsø, where you will arrive around 17:40.

Happy whale-watching!