Safari panorámico por la costa con almuerzo local en Tromsø

Disfruta de la cultura de las auroras boreales mientras contemplas paisajes espectaculares, degustas deliciosos platos de comida local y conoces a los amables lugareños drante las mágicas noches polares.

4 h 30 min
Apto para todos
15.NOV - 19. JAN

During the polar night, the days do not have sunlight. They are on the other hand filled with exotic arctic colors, only made possible by the indirect light of the sun. During this period, you can discover many types of blue or even a red glow on the horizon.

Descripción del recorrido

This tour starts by meeting your guide in Tromsø and you travel by minibus to the coastal and island landscapes west of Tromsø. As well as dramatic scenery, you will find traces of settlements going back thousands of years. Who were the people who came before us? Why did they come? Where did they live and how did they survive? A dedicated and knowledgeable guide will answer these questions and more in detail during this exciting trip.

Local food is also an important part of this tour, and you will get to visit a local chef at her café and be served an extensive lunch inside a warm and cozy lavvu. The meal consists of a delicious homemade soup and cake, energizing your body and mind while giving you a good authentic taste of the north. The chef grows her own ingredients for the dishes and desserts, harvested on her own fields, in the backyard of her cafe!

This is a tour for the entire family, and you will get the opportunity to ask questions, take pictures and stretch your legs in this amazing Arctic environment that can spellbind even the most seasoned traveler.

This tour is only available during the Polar Nights season (15.11-19.01). If you want a coastal safari outside this period, we recommend that you check out the Coastal Safari with Local Tastings.