Cocina del norte y persecución de auroras boreales en Tromsø

La excursión "Cocina del norte y persecución de auroras boreales" combina dos de los más preciados ingredientes locales: las auroras boreales y platos preparados con ingredientes de procedencia local cocinados por un increíble chef. Este es un recorrido exclusivo pensado para un grupo pequeño y organizado para que disfrutes de una experiencia invernal y despiertes todos tus sentidos.

6 horas
01 DE OCT. - 22 DE MAR.

Join your enthusiastic guide, in search of the Northern Lights and combine your chase with a local dining experience in magical surroundings with the northern lights fluttering over you!

Descripción del recorrido

You start your tour by meeting your guide in Tromsø and from there on you travel to the stunning peninsula of Malangen, a 45 minutes drive from Tromsø city. During this bus ride, your guide will tell you about the surroundings, the northern lights, and prepares you for the chase that starts after dinner.

During this tour there is a high focus on local food tasting, immersing you into the local life, storytelling, and of course the northern lights. To give you the utmost comfort during this experience, your chef Tove will serve a delicious dinner within her heated lavvu. Sitting around the cozy bonfire is truly unique way of enjoying a stunning dinner comprising of locally sourced ingredients!

After dinner, you head into the surroundings, chasing the elusive lights, accompanied by views of the mountains and fjords. From Malangen, the tour group can go in any direction to increase the chances of spotting the lights. Along the way, there will also be stops for a sweet dessert snack, a traditional Norwegian "lefse" made by Tove, as well as a hot drink.

This is an ideal experience for precious moments, filled with rich experiences while enjoying time together in an unconventional way!

¿Sabías que…?

During spring and summer, Tove is busy planting, caring for, and harvesting her flowers and herbs. Many spices, used in her kitchen, come from her own garden. This locally owned company started in 1994, on the land they own for more than 150 years, with focus on organic and fresh cuisine.