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Fjord Tours Articles / 17 Oct 2019

Best Locations to Go Skiing In Norway

Since Norway is located so far north, it means that for large periods of the year there are cool temperatures. This makes it one of the best countries on Earth for skiing. If you have your eye on Norway for that reason, it almost doesn’t matter where you go, as skiing opportunities is in abundance.

Skiing is such a huge part of Norwegian culture so there are fantastic skiing locations scattered all throughout the country. However, if you are interested in visiting the best of the best when it comes to skiing destinations, then these are the parts of the country that you will want to journey to.

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Photo: ©Sverre Hjørnevik /Myrkdalen

Vestland County

Located on in the Western part of Norway, Vestland county offers great skiing experiences in multiple locations. Bergen, the second largest city in Norway is also located here and offers great transport options to skiing destinations, primarily by train. You can easily get to skiing destinations such as for example Voss or Myrkdalen from Bergen. Both destinations offers pristine conditions for downhill and cross country skiing. 

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Photo: ©Sverre F. Hjørnevik

Vestfold & Telemark County

Located between Oslo and Bergen, Vestfold & Telemark county is one of the best places in the country to pack up your skis and journey off to. Since it is located midway between two major Norway cities, it also means that there is plenty of rail travel options that will take you there, making the journey extremely easy. Within Telemark county is Rauland skisenter, which contains the separate Tiur, Holtardalen, and Vierli ski areas and covers an impressive 20 kilometers.

Photo: Pierre Ekmanne / VisitGeilo

Viken County

Just a little north of Telemark county is the area of Viken County. Since it is also positioned in between Oslo and Bergen, finding an available scenic train route through it should be very easy. Once you get there, you are going to want to visit the Norefjell mountain range. It is here that the 1952 Winter Olympics alpine skiing events took place, which means that it has to be quite impressive. Whether you visit the Bøsæter or Skistua snow parks, you are sure to have an incredible time carving up the mountainside.

Also located in Viken County is the Hemsedal ski resort. This astonishing 1500 meter tall mountain slope is the highest list-served slope in the entire country. However, there are also many other benefits to this ski resort, such as the fact that it has over 50 different slopes for you to choose between and is home to Norway's biggest children's ski area.

Geilo is also in Viken and here you can enjoy skiing at one of Norway’s oldest and most comprehensive ski resorts. Geilo is one of Norway's absolute best ski resorts, with a unique ski center for both alpinists, jibbers and snowboard enthusiasts. Geilo has parks and arenas adapted to all levels and you can choose among easy slopes to more challenging trails with steeper hinges. 

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Photo: Emil Eriksson

Innlandet County

If you continue to travel even further north, then you will eventually reach Innlandet County, which borders another large Norwegian city, Lillehammer. It is within this county that you will find Skeikampen mountain, which has been used as a premium skiing location for almost 125 years. It not only provides a challenging terrain for alpine skiing but also includes a large area that is perfectly suited for cross country skiing. So no matter what type of skiing you are interested in, you will be sure to find a great spot for it here.

Regardless of where you go in Norway, whether it is one of these three areas or somewhere else entirely, you are pretty much guaranteed to have a fantastic time skiing. This is thanks to the fact that there is such a plentiful amount of towering mountain ranges located throughout the country. To book your next skiing adventure in Norway, check out the SkiTicket packages from Fjord Tours.