Foto: Simon Sjøkvist

RIB-bootstour ab Odda mit Apfelweinprobe

Begeben Sie auf eine historische und kulturelle Fjord-Safari auf dem Hardangerfjord, einem Fjord voller lebendiger Kulturerbestätten, umgeben von einer beeindruckenden Fjordlandschaft. Besuchen Sie einen der Obstbauernhöfe und probieren Sie den lokal produzierten Sider!

2 Stunden
01.JUN - 15.SEP

Dieser Inhalt ist zur Zeit nur auf Englisch verfügbar.

We head out from the city of Odda, a modern town which grew up around hydro power production and melting industry in the mid-twentieth century.

We pass the hydro power plant “Cathedral” Tysso I in Tyssedal. The construction of the power plant Tysso I started in 1906, mountain water was dammed, waterfalls put into pipes and became the groundwork for waterpower production. This started the industrialization of Norway.

The tour continues as we enter Ullensvang, the fruitgarden of Norway. On both sides of the fjord you will see steep mountains, and be stunned and impressed by the hillsides filled with small fruitfarms. The Hardangerfjord provides 40% of all fruitproduction of Norway, including apples, sweet cherries, pears and plums.

The fruitproduction was started by monks from England during the 13th Century. The monks also introduced the productions of Sider (apple wine) to the local farmers. On the tour we will visit the farm Aga Sideri, try their sider, get some story telling, and get the opportunity to purchase local specialties.

Along the route you will explore different attractions, spots of wildlife, and our professional guide will tell fascinating stories about the nature and culture of the area. The Hardangerfjord is one of those magic places that has it all; the perfect backdrop for a truly memorable holiday experience.

Have a nice trip on the Hardangerfjord!