Foto: Friluftslek

Joggingausflug mit Airboard Rodeln in Romsdalen

Wenn Sie eine einzigartige Winterwanderung erleben möchten, sollten Sie diese wählen! Der Ausflug beinhaltet Winterspaß auf Schneeschuhen, eine aufregende Airboard-Rodelpartie und ein gemütliches Beisammensein am Lagerfeuer nach der Wanderung.

2 Stunden
15.JAN - 30.APR

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Tour description

The trip start with a hike on snowshoes, and you have the inflatable slide board, also called the airboard, in your bag. Up on the top you put the snowshoes in your bag, and rush down the mountain on your airboard with your head first.

There are three different routes to choose between, based on the current snow and weather conditions. After the tour we gather around the bonfire where we can share our ecxperience from the fun and exciting day.

Surrounded by the wild Romsdalsfjella and the view towards the Romsdalsfjord this will be a hike in absolutely spectacular surroundings. The trip is adjusted according to the fitness level of the group, and professional, local guides are the guarantee of an exciting and safe trip.

Have a nice trip!