Kayak y excursión a la granja Skageflå

Únete a una emocionante excursión en kayac, donde estás cerca del majestuoso fiordo de Geiranger y una de las granjas de montaña más famosas de Noruega, Skageflå Fjellgård.

6 horas
01 DE MAY. - 01 DE OCT.

On this trip you will get close to the remote, abandoned fjord farm Skageflå. The farm is located on a mountain ledge over the Geirangerfjord with panoramic views of the world heritage site and the famous waterfalls "The Seven Sisters". The farm has a unique location and a very interesting history.

Descripción del recorrido

Together with your guide, you paddle calmly out on the fjord and lead you to a remote, abandoned fjord farm called Skageflå, one of the most famous farms in the fjord.

You paddle along the fjord until you reach a small bay where you leave the kayaks and the gear. From her you start the scenic hike to Skageflå that is 250 m above the sea level. The hike is short, but steep, so it's a good idea to put on shoes (not sandals) before the tour.

You will get many opportunities to see the majestic waterfalls such as "The Seven Sisters" and "The Suitor" so keep your camera close to capture the stunning scenery! After a short break at the farm you go down to the kayaks and paddle back to the Kayak Center. The guide takes good care of you at all times during the tour and provides you with facts and stories about the Geirangerfjord and its surroundings.

Welcome to a memorable kayak tour in Geiranger!