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Fjord Tours Articles / 22 Nov 2021

The Best Norwegian Cruise Trips

Taking a cruise around Norway is one of the best ways to see everything that this beautiful country has to offer. There is a lot to choose from and in this article you will find the different cruise options on offer across Norway.

Taking a cruise around Norway’s many spectacular sights ensures you to see everything that makes the country so unique. Whether it’s a fjord cruise taking in dramatic landscapes, a trip to see the northern lights, or a sea safari to spot wildlife, there’s a cruise out there for you.

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Fjord Tours

Norway is famous for its dramatic fjords, carved from the bedrock by giant glacier tongues in the last ice age. They can reach incredible lengths with Sognefjorden, a well-known Norwegian fjord measuring 205 km in length. The waters within and around a fjord are sheltered, meaning they are uncharacteristically calm and contribute to nice, smooth sailing.

One of the top fjord cruise destinations is the idyllic UNESCO site of Geirangerfjord. After departing from Geirangerfjord cruise port you will be shown everything the stunning fjord has to offer. You will get up close to the famous waterfalls and be able to spot abandoned farms clinging to the steep sided slopes. You can take part in a sightseeing cruise or spend a little longer on the boat travelling between Geirangerfjord and The Art Nouveau Town of Ålesund.

A less well known but no less beautiful location for a fjord cruise is the Lysefjord, one of the largest fjords in Norway at 40km long with the flanking mountains reaching over 1,000m. The Pulpit Rock (Preikestolen) is one of Lysefjord's most iconic landmarks. A naturally square plateau, Pulpit Rock is a location offering stunning views if you are willing to undertake the hike. It gives a unique vantage point over the fjord and shows you areas of water which are as deep as the mountains are high on either side. If you aren’t one for heights then don’t worry, the view from the water is equally stunning as you lean back and take in all 604m of Pulpit Rock.

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Northern Lights Tours

The Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis in scientific circles, are a mesmerising natural phenomenon seen in the northern hemisphere, especially near the poles. They are caused by highly charged solar wind particles from the sun colliding with air molecules in the earth’s atmosphere. The energy carried from the solar wind particles is transformed into light and produces the staggeringly beautiful displays we witness as the Northern Lights. Norway sits perfectly in the ‘auroral oval’, the area that gives the best chance of seeing the lights. The best time to see the lights is between late September to early April as the sky is at its darkest.

Many of the cruises aiming to see the lights set off from Tromsø, the Arctic city that enjoys more Northern Lights than anywhere else in the world. How about experiencing the dancing northern lights while enjoying an Arctic Tapas dinner on the Norther Lights cuisine cruise? A delicious meal accompanied by a great view; what could be better?

A visit to Tromsø also give you the opportunity to try out different activities. Make sure that you try out various winter activities such as whale safaris, hiking, dog sledding, or even winter kayaking where you can paddle yourself to the locations your cruise ship can’t quite reach.

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Wildlife Tours

The Arctic Circle usually brings up images of rocky and snowy tundra with minimal varions in habitats. Norway turns this completely on its head and has a wide variety of habitats for wildlife including mountains, lakes, coastlines, wetlands, and more. With so many different areas to explore, a cruise is an ideal way to explore as many of these different areas as possible.

Whale watching is a particular favourite of many who are looking to experience Norway’s wildlife. Both Orca and Humpback whales can be spotted feeding on large shoals of herring between October and December. This tends to occur near the island of Skjervøy to the north of the country and is a perfect place to sail to.  Whales also make an appearance in Tromsø, a municipality a little further south. Why not try taking a hybrid boat which allows you to get close to the whales without disturbing them?

Tromsø also boasts a thriving wild bird population and you may be able to spot sea eagles amongst other sea birds on a wildlife cruise. Seals and dolphins are also regular visitors to the area – so wildlife enthusiasts have plenty to enjoy on one of these tours!

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As you can see Norway has ideal conditions for boat trips with beautiful fjords, harbors, waterfalls, and much more waiting to be explored. Fjord Tours lets you choose your own way to experience the waterways of Norway. Check them out here:

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