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Fjord Tours Articles / 21 Dec 2021

Winter Activities in Norway

If you're looking for a winter escape from home, Norway might be just the ticket. Wintertime is the perfect time to take advantage of the fantastic natural landscape in Norway and explore one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. Not only does Norway offer excellent skiing conditions, but several existing winter activities are just waiting to be discovered!

In addition to the many attractions, museums, and galleries that can be visited all year round, Norway is an excellent destination to visit during winter. There is plenty to do - from skiing, snowmobiling. dog-sledding, northern lights hunting, snowshoeing, fjordsafaris and much, much more.

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How long is winter in Norway?

As a northern Scandinavian country, Norway is fairly cold during the winter, especially in the Arctic climate. Winter usually lasts quite long, but though the winter days are dark and cold, Norwegians tend to enjoy the wintertime due to all the fantastic winter activities they can take part in. The average temperatures can range from just below zero to about 20°F (-6°C), and this depends a lot on what part of Norway you find yourself in – so be sure to check the weather forecast ahead of your trip and pack warm clothes and good quality shoes! 

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What to wear in Norway during winter 

It’s wise to check the local temperature and climate before you head off on your trip to Norway so you can dress and pack appropriately. You’ll need to pack for different weather conditions depending on where you’re planning to go, and temperatures below freezing are not uncommon at the peak of winter.

The best way to prepare for a trip to Norway? Invest in good-quality clothing that will keep you warm during your stay! In winter, clothes made from wool or other natural insulation are recommended as opposed to synthetics. You should pack wool sweaters, thick socks, woolen mittens or gloves, and a warm hat to make sure you can enjoy your experience of Norway in the winter without getting too cold. 

If you’re heading to the Norwegian fjords during winter, you should wrap up warm. If you’re spending most of your time in one of the larger cities like Oslo, pack layers and sturdy shoes appropriate for colder temperatures and be aware that streets can get icy. 

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Photo: Sverre Hjørnevik

What to do in winter in Norway

Winter is the perfect time to enjoy all the fantastic winter activities Norway has to offer, and there’s no shortage of fun and interesting things to do. In Norway, popular winter activities include cross-country skiing, snowboarding, dog-sledding, snowshoeing, taking a tour on a bobsled, tubing down mountains, and much more.

Cross-country skiing is hugely popular among Norwegians, and if you’re headed to Norway’s capital, skiing opportunities abound just outside Oslo. During your winter stay in the capital, be sure to spend some time wandering around the picturesque Christmas market at Spikersuppa!

If you’d prefer winter activities that don’t include as much physical activity, there are a number of great options for you. You can take in the intense beauty of the northern lights with the beautiful surroundings , or clear your thoughts with some peaceful birdwatching or a wildlife tour in the winter wonderland.

Norway is one of the coldest countries in the world, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy a fantastic visit! Explore Norwegian culture by visiting Viking villages, tasting traditional cuisine, or going on some of the best hikes in Europe. No matter what time of year you visit or where you decide to go, there’s no doubt that you’ll be able to see plenty of amazing things!

Popular winter activities in Norway

Snowmobile Safari in Lyngen, Tromsø

Explore the majestic Lyngen Alps with a local guide on this scenic and exciting Snowmobile Safari. Experience winter nature at its very best, as the Lyngen Alps offers some of the most beautiful winter scenery in all of Norway!

RIB-boat Winter Tour in Flam

Enjoy a winter tour with RIB-boat in the famous Aurlandsfjord, the UNESCO World Heritage Nærøyfjord, enjoy the charming little village of Undredal and taste the famous goat cheese!

Geirangerfjord Winter Cruise

Join in on an unforgettable winter cruise on the Geirangerfjord from Ålesund. Travel into the raw, wild and beautiful fjord landscape, visit the Norwegian Fjord senter and walk along the frozen waterfalls in Geiranger. Seize the unique opportunity to experience a popular World Heritage Site without the large crowds.

Snowshoe hiking in Raundalen, Voss

Get a wild, active and personal experience at Voss with snowshoeing, train, and a bonfire in snowy Raundalen! On this all-inclusive experience, you can explore the rich contrasts between snow, river, forest, and steep mountains. You travel low-impact by train to discover the pristine nature of Raundalen and find undisturbed peace around the cozy bonfire.

Winter Kayaking in Reine

Join in on a guided kayak trip under the magic winter light on the Reinefjord in Lofoten. Winter paddling is magic!

Northern Lights Cuisine Cruise

Take in the atmospheric Arctic night onboard a silent electric ship with uninhibited panoramas. Includes a tasty three-course dinner.

Coastal Scenery Safari with Local Tastings in Tromsø

Join in on a safari to Tromsø’s stunning coastal landscape, full of mountains, fjords, islands, and a fascinating history dating back more than 9,000 years. The safari includes visits to the mountain valley of Kattfjordeidet and the beautiful island of Sommarøy.

Northern Cuisine and Aurora Chase in Tromsø

The Northern Cuisine and Aurora Chase combine two precious local ingredients: the northern lights and locally sourced and prepared food by a great chef. This is an exclusive small-group tour, all to give you a relaxed and cozy experience while triggering your senses.

Dog sledding husky Safari in Tromsø

Join in on an exciting dog sledding adventure in wild and beautiful surroundings! Just over an hour from Tromsø, you find an amazing kennel, surrounded by mighty mountains and deep valleys. Here you get to experience a husky sledding trip in a real Northern Norwegian Arctic environment!

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Photo: Tromsø Safari

Where should you go in Norway during the winter?

All in all, Norway offers an array of fantastic destinations for those looking for winter activities, and you should choose where to go depending on what you’d most like to do while you’re here.

Few things would make your winter quite as magical as seeing the aurora borealis with your own eyes. If you’d like to see the northern lights on your trip, heading north to Tromsø is the best option for you.

For snow enthusiasts, winter is breathtaking in Norway with plenty of options for skiing and snowboarding. If you’re staying in Oslo, Norway’s capital alone has about eight ski resorts to choose from, offering great opportunities for skiing, snowboarding, and snow tubing. From Bergen, you can easily travel to some great skiing destinations with our SkiTicket, while Mount Fløyen in Bergen is a popular spot for tobogganing down during the winter.

If you’d like to experience the best of what Norway has to offer during the winter, why not join our popular Norway in a Nutshell® winter tour?

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