Photo: Christian Hauge, Innovasjon Norge

Fjord Kayaking in Jondal

Join in on a guided kayak tour from Jondal and experience the mighty fjord landscape in a unique way. Jondal in Hardanger is known as the best gateway to the glacier Folgefonna but is also famous for its fjord landscape. You will understand why on this tour.

3 hours
01.JUN - 01.OCT

Before the tour start, you meet up with your guide at Juklafjord Kayak Center. Your guide will prepare you for the kayak tour with a safety introduction and equipment adjustment. 

Tour description

The kayak trip starts with basic paddling techniques and checking the kayak. When the preparations are done and you feel safe, you are ready for a real fjord experience from the kayak cockpit. Together with your guide, you paddle calmly out on the fjord, surrounded by high mountains and untouched nature. You get the feeling of being part of the fjord and it's impossible to get closer to the water element without getting wet!

You paddle along the fjord to the place where the fjord narrows in at "Jonaneset". From the fjord, you have a fantastic view of the surrounding mountains and the stunning fjord landscape and along the way, you will hear stories about life in and around the fjord. 

After some memorable hours on the fjord, you return to Juklafjord, where you can enjoy hot soup, cake, and a fresh cup of coffee at the on-site café.

Have a nice trip!


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