Foto: Brim Explorer

Nordlicht Cuisine Cruise in Tromsø

Erleben Sie die atmosphärische Nacht der Arktis an Bord eines stillen Elektroschiffs mit ungehindertem 360-Grad-Panoramablick, sowohl von außen als auch von innen

3 Stunden
Für alle geeignet
28.OKT - 09.APR

Dieser Inhalt ist zur Zeit nur auf Englisch verfügbar.

In warmth and comfort, we cruise through icy waters surrounding the Tromsø island, past snow-covered mountains and landmarks like the Arctic cathedral. The friendly crew will share their personal stories and knowledge about local history, the mysteries of the depths below and the landscapes surrounding us. As the darkness of the ocean reflects the stars and moon above, the Northern Lights may appear.

Enjoy the unique atmosphere as we serve an Arctic Tapas dinner made by local award-winning Mathallen restaurant. Cooked with fresh, seasonal, and locally-sourced ingredients, the tapas are a modern twist inspired by traditional Northern Norwegian culinary dishes. Carefully selected local beer and quality wine are available for purchase.

Be sure to bring your camera!