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Fjord Tours Articles / 24 Oct 2019

5 Things You Have to Do on Your Visit to Norway

With so many incredible things to do in Norway, it can be hard for visitors to decide on what they are going to pick for their visit.

The last thing that they want to do is accidentally overlook one of the awesome activities in Norway that most people have on their bucket lists and regret missing. We have compiled a list of five fantastic activities that everyone that touches down on Norwegian soil absolutely has to experience. Have no fear, your bucket list guide is here!

Photo: Uteguiden

Go Kayaking on the Fjords

There are many different ways to explore the incredible fjords in Norway. Although a lot of people tend to pick a fjord cruise through Norway as their travel method of choice, something that everyone should do is also take the opportunity to do some kayaking through Norway's fjords. Not only does this make you truly become one with nature, but it also allows you to take the time to explore and really take in the fjords. Fjord Tours offers a great selection of exciting kayak tours, all year, check HERE


Photo: Aurlandsfjellet mountain road, Bjørn Andresen / Statens vegvesen

Drive Through the Snow Road

Another form of travel that cannot be ignored while in Norway is driving. However, don't just drive anywhere: drive through Aurlandsfjellet’s famous snow road. This gorgeous highway travels through the mountains for an astonishing 46 km and is only available for travel a few months out of the year.
However, if you are visiting Norway in the summer, then it is definitely worth taking a trip out to the snow road to see where it gets its name from. The giant walls of snow that line either side of the road are a result of the heavy snowfall that occurs in the region every year, which is the reason why the road is only open for such a short period of time.

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Photo: Hike to Galdhøpiggen, Christian Roth Christensen /

Hike Up Galdhøpiggen

When Norwegians aren't on the ground, they can be found high in the sky, hiking up one of the many mountains throughout the country. One mountain that everyone should have the opportunity to summit is Galdhøpiggen.

Standing at over 8,000 feet above sea level, Galdhøpiggen is not only the tallest mountain in Norway, but in any of the other Scandinavian countries as well. The mountain offers incredible views and even involves crossing the Styggebreen glacier. It is sure to be one of the most beautiful hikes that you have ever experienced.

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Photo: Northern Lights, Tromsø - Norway, Farout

See the Northern Lights

For those that visit Norway during the fall or winter season, they have the opportunity to experience one of Earth’s most fascinating natural wonders. In many parts of Northern Norway, the Aurora Borealis can be viewed quite clearly during the cold months. Being able to see the vibrant lights dancing in the sky in person is more incredible than you can imagine and is often described as “life-changing.” Jumping on a complete northern lights tour is an experience to remember!

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Photo: Dog sledding in Northern Norway, Bjørn Klauer

Go Dog Sledding

Any lover of dogs is going to want to make sure that they get the opportunity to go on a dog sledding adventure at some point during their Norway trip. Almost anywhere you go in Norway, there will be an opportunity to ride on the back of a sled as it gets pulled by a team of huskies. Some places even allow you to pilot your own dog sled team, which can be even more exhilarating. Either way, the ability to race across an outstretching field of glistening white snow as the majestic dogs in the world pull you is something that you should not miss out on.

While Norway offers a lot of other incredible activities to do, these are the five that absolutely everyone should experience at least once in their life. Fjord Tours gives you a great selection of dog sledding and snow tours, so pack your bags—adventure awaits!