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Fjord Tours Articles / 24 Nov 2020

A closer look at Åndalsnes

Åndalsnes is a town in Møre og Romsdal, Norway. It is in the administrative center of Rauma located along the Isfjorden and Rauma River, at the north end of the Romsdalen valley. The city of Åndalsnes in Romsdalen claims to be Norway’s mountaineering capital. Magnificent nature and spectacular experiences aplenty in this climbers paradise.

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In the local area, you can experience Trollstigen, Trollveggen, and Raumabanen - one of Europe's most beautiful train rides. And of course, if you’ve heard of Åndalsnes you’ve probably seen pictures of the famous viewing platform, Rampestreken, 550 meters above the city.

Following the Romsdalstrappa stone steps, all the way to the top will take you to Mount Nesaksla, 708 meters above the Romsdalsfjord. This stretch is actually the last part of the famous Romsdalseggen Ridge, a thrill seeker's dream of a trek.

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Photo: Norsk Tindesenter

If hiking alone isn’t enough, you can visit Norsk Tindesenter who offer via Ferrata trips on the daunting, but highly exhilarating, West Wall. The visitor center is home to an interactive museum where you can learn about the history of climbing in the area, as well as Norway’s tallest indoor climbing wall where you can practice your skills on rainy days.

For explorers who enjoy a slower pace of holiday, the Rauma railway line lets you take in all the amazing sights without breaking a sweat. Travel through a fairy-tale landscape on a day trip from Åndalsnes to Dombås or Bjorli.

Another fun experience is to visit the most northern vineyard in the world, Vingården Tuen, and join a guided tour. Johan Setnes began making local wine in the 1980s. His wine is developed by using the finest hand-picked berries, flowers, and even tree sap, all harvested from the wild nature of Romsdalen. ”I harvest many of the ingredients myself. My wines taste of nature” - Johan Setnes.

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Photo: Hotel Aak

Visitors to the charming Hote Aak will be rewarded with comfortable beds and tasty rustic home-cooked meals with locally sourced ingredients. Hotel Aak is said to be the first Norwegian tourist hotel.

In Wintertime Åndalsnes trades climbing for skiing as the landscape is transformed under a brilliant white sugar coat of snow. Mount Kirketaket is considered one of the most popular peaks to conquer by ski tourers earning their turns (we strongly recommend hiring a local guide and carrying the necessary equipment).

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Photo: Hotel Aak

Traveling to Åndalsnes, you can either take the train or drive. From Oslo, it takes about six hours and from Trondheim roughly five. The area is popular both with the locals and foreign tourists with a mixture of those looking to climb and hike every peak possible to those who are content at gazing from afar.

Whatever tickles your fancy, Åndlasnes is not to be missed!