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Fjord Tours Articles / 28 Dec 2020

A Closer Look at Blooming Hardanger

With a rich food and cultural history, world-renowned icons and unique nature experiences, it is easy to understand why Hardanger has been a popular destination for hundreds of years - a gem just an hour away from Bergen and the international airport Flesland.

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The Hardangerfjord is the fourth longest fjord in the world, and the second longest fjord in Norway. It is located in Vestland county in the Hardanger region. The fjord stretches 179 kilometres from the Atlantic Ocean into the mountainous interior of Norway along the Hardangervidda plateau.

It’s no secret that Hardanger is like a picture postcard and almost everywhere you look you will feast your eyes on thundering waterfalls or fruit trees in bloom. 

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Fruit has been grown in Hardanger since the 14th century with artists and tourists drawing inspiration from nature and its grandeur. In May/June when the fruit trees are in blossom is Hardanger at its most beautiful. Depending on a warm or cold spring the blossoming season varies from year to year but in late summer and autumn, fruit are for sale in the farm shops and directly from the farmers.

Stopping along the road to buy fresh sweet cherries, plums, apples and pears is a relaxing and charming experience. Cider produced in this region has made itself world-famous and as such has been protected in the same way as Champagne from France.

On our Cider Tour in the Hardangerfjord, you can get a closer look at the cider production in Hardanger and get a taste of this enchanting drink.

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Hardanger Bridge

The Hardanger Bridge is 1380 meters long, and one of the longest suspension bridges in the world. You can drive, walk, or cycle across the bridge enjoying the breathtaking fjord landscape, or the construction itself. The main span is 1380 meters, the towers are 202 meters high, clearance below is 55 meters. 

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Waterfalls exert a magnetic attraction on us and Hardanger is the perfect destination for waterfall enthusiasts. Hardanger is framed by large waterfalls: Steinsdalsfossen, Vøringsfossen, Skjervefossen, Låtefoss and Furebergfossen.

They are all different but all have the power to hypnotise us. The force of these waterfalls is so enormous that often we simply stand and stare. Discussing which of them is most beautiful then becomes merely an academic exercise. They all possess their unique qualities, like Steinsdalsfossen where you can follow the path behind the cascade, or Låtefoss with its twin falls that perhaps attracts more admirers.

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There are plenty of hiking options in Hardanger, and many of them will give you a panoramic view of the fjord. The highly challenging walk to Trolltunga is the best-known hike around here. Every year around 100,000 visitors embark on this walk in order to take the iconic picture of themselves on Trolltunga above Lake Ringedalsvatnet.

Nearby you will also find Dronningstien - the Queen's Trail - which is well known for being one of the Queen’s favorite walks. Further west by Jonsdal and Herand you will also find hiking trails to Vikanuten, Samlen, and - perhaps the nicest of them all – Haugsvarden, with an amazing view of the Hardangerfjord all the way to the top.

If you want to explore more of this beautiful fjord area, our Hardangerfjord in a nutshell trip is a perfect way to do so.

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