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Fjord Tours Articles / 2 Sep 2019

What Makes Hiking Trails In Helgeland So Attractive

If you are looking for things to do in Norway, then something that the locals and other tourists will likely recommend is hiking. There are several iconic trails that attract visitors from all over the world, but one lesser known area is Helgeland in the north of Norway.

If you find mountains, islands, lakes and beaches attractive chances are good you’ll fall for the charm of Helgeland. Read about what makes the hiking trails here so great.

Land of the Midnight Sun

By visiting in the summer months, you can have the benefit of being able to hike for as long as you want and not have to start the hike at five in the morning. This is because Helgeland is located just below the Arctic Circle, which allows it to have continuous sunlight for several weeks at a time in the summer. This means you have the time to hike at your own pace and admire the beautiful surroundings for as long as you want.

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Hiking Highlights 

A visit to the island of Vega

Islands may not be the first thing to come to mind when planning a hiking trip. Vega, however, in addition to offering excursions to sandy beaches and lakes, you have the possibility to experience hiking to “Trollvasstind” - a mountain that rises 800 meters over sea level.

The seven sisters mountain range

A real icon of the region is the “Seven Sisters” mountain range of, you guessed it, 7 mountain tops. A pleasant day hike will include a visit to 2-3 of the sisters, for instance “the twins” standing at almost 1km over sea level.

The Highest Mountain Top

Oksskolten (”the bull’s head”)

Standing at 1916 MAMSL, the “head of the bull” proudly rises above anything else in Northern Norway and poses a challenge for the experienced hiker ready to spend half a day hiking in tough terrain for the reward of some spectacular views!

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Unprecedented Beauty

While hiking throughout Helgeland, you will experience almost every kind of nature scenery possible. Not only do the various hiking trails go right beside shimmering lakes, but they also pass by fields of flowers, flowing streams and waterfalls, towering mountains, outstretching coastline, and more. So whatever scenery you like, chances are the Helgeland hiking trails have them.  All of this and more is what makes the various hiking trails in Helgeland the perfect option for any traveler. See what else hiking in Norway offers!

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