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Fjord Tours Articles / 21 May 2019

Norway - The Ultimate Vacation Spot for Couples

When it comes to getting away from it all with someone special, Norway is right up there with the most romantic vacation destinations in the world.

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It’s true, there are so many memorable attractions for couple’s in Norway from luxury hotels and colorful art galleries to fjord tours, cultural encounters and breathtaking scenery. Besides what country in the world has a romantic nickname like the land of the midnight sun? But, don’t take our word for it, let’s look at 5 reasons why Norway could be the ultimate vacation spot for couples:

1. Historic Hotels Offer the Perfect Romantic Getaway in Norway

Take Erzscheidergården Hotell for example, a small hotel in the UNESCO listed mining town of Røros. While the interior is quite luxurious, there is also a certain charm or atmosphere that makes this feel much more personal than most hotel experiences. On the other hand, hotels like Sola Strand Hotel and Fjærland Fjordstove Hotell are located right on the spectacular fjords of Norway. And then there is the Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel in the very north where couples can experience a true wilderness and stay at the famous “Ice hotel”.

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2. Discovering the Charming Towns of Norway

Just so you know, many of the towns in Norway were founded by the Vikings which makes them especially ancient and unique. Trondheim is one such place where beautiful museums can be found in between colorful facades and remnants of a very old world. However, this is a common theme you should find upon visiting Oslo, Bergen and many more towns or cities in Norway. As you can imagine, the historical nature of these places adds a distinct intrigue and romanticism to the adventure. Check out a guide to the main cities in Norway here.

3. Getting Lost in the Natural Attractions

Trolltunga and The Pulpit’s Rock (Preikestolen) are possibly the most spectacular vantage points that you will ever stand with your loved one. In other words, this iconic view points offer some of the most spectacular vistas of the landscapes in Norway and the perfect place to take in the views with a partner. In fact, it’s not uncommon for couples to get engaged in these spots, such is the spectacular nature of the scenery.

At the same time, spectacular scenery is common in Norway and places like the Lofoten Islands have a similar appeal. After all, what can seem more romantic than venturing into these immense wilderness areas together and getting lost amidst the green and rugged landscapes of Norway.

4. Mystical Encounters with the Northern Lights

You already know about the Northern Lights, but nothing can prepare one for witnessing this spellbinding spectacle in person. Featuring blue, yellow, violet and green, the Aurora Borealis is such a mystical encounter and possibly the most romantic experience in Norway for couples. This really is the best place in the world to see this phenomenon and an experience that no couple will ever forget. From the city of Tromsø you can join a guided tour for a northern lights chase.

5. Exploring the Fjords of Norway

As you may know, the fjords of Norway are often the reason why visitors come to explore this part of the world. With this in mind, you can take a cruise along these stunning fjords and venture deep into the rugged landscapes of Norway. Aside from visiting various islets and villages, this fjord tours provide the perfect opportunity for couples to enjoy some quality time while exploring truly breathtaking scenery. See where to find fjord cruises all over Norway!


Even for those who prefer to relax as opposed to getting active outdoors, Norway is the perfect vacation spot for couples. After all, you can join Fjord Tours instead of hiking and enjoy all the same attractions without having to expend much effort at all. Either way, get romancing!


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