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Fjord Tours Articles / 13 Dec 2019

Experience the Magic of Frozen2 With These 4 Norse Mythologies

Although Disney’s Frozen movies are fictitious, a lot of their characters, stories, and landscapes are inspired by very real people, places, and folklore in Norway. That means there’s no better place than a Norwegian tour to behold the magical nation that inspired Frozen!

With the upcoming release of Frozen 2, we decided to let you know how you, too, can enter the wondrous world of Frozen. Here are four elements of Norwegian mythology that are direct or indirect inspirations for your favorite moments in Frozen 2

The Vegvisir

One of the first pieces of imagery that we received for Frozen 2 was a cryptic poster of a plain black background with a single snowflake in the middle. However, fans were quick to point out that this was no ordinary snowflake considering its unusual four-point design. This is because it does not represent a snowflake but rather an item from Norse mythology.

The Vegvisir is something that is briefly mentioned in this mythology as a symbol that would prevent the individuals who possessed it from getting lost in bad weather. This is incredibly relevant to the storyline of Frozen and Frozen 2 since Elsa is, in fact, the cause of the majority of the bad weather that the characters are forced to deal with. Sven and Kristoff are frequently having to use their navigation skills in order to help Anna get to her destination. This was the first indication that the sequel would once again be diving headfirst into its Norse mythology roots.

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Unfortunately, the trolls of Norse mythology are far less adorable than the ones depicted in Frozen. Although Pabbie, Bulda, and Gothi are extremely helpful to Anna, Kristoff, and Sven, the mythological creatures they are based on, are known for being far less friendly to humans. In fact, trolls were generally seen as a dangerous group of creatures that humans should avoid at all costs! 

One similarity between Norway’s mythological trolls and the trolls from Frozen is their affinity for rocks. Just like in the movie, the trolls from Norse mythology were often said to live in the mountains and caves that looked a lot like the Valley of the Living Rock. Luckily, there are tons of places across Norway where you can hear the enchanting stories of these mythical beings. 


Although we've only seen a few glimpses of a glorious water horse spirit (thanks to various trailers), we know the inspiration for this creature is taken directly from German and Norwegian folklore. The horse spirit, that will appear in Frozen II, gone by many names throughout history. However, in Norway, it is generally regarded as an nøkk. These ethereal beings were male water spirits that played magical songs to lure women and children to watery deaths.

Although slightly less cynical, the water horse in Frozen 2 plays a very similar role. According to the director, the spirit is there to help individuals cross the body of water. However, it only does so if it senses that the individual is good at heart and has lived an honest life. Otherwise, the spirit will drown them. There are plenty of opportunities throughout Norway to see where the folklore of these mythological creatures originated from.

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Towards the end of the Frozen 2 trailers, we see Elsa frantically trying to hide from a huge silhouetted monster walking in the background. Based on the fact that this creature stands over twice as tall as any of the trees, we can assume that it is, in fact, a giant. However, it is likely no ordinary giant but rather a direct inspiration of the jötunns, which are a group of giants present in Norse mythology.

These giants resided in one of the nine Norse worlds, which was known as Jotunheim. This world was largely made up of thick forests and large rocky terrain, which is exactly what we see in this scene. Not only were jötunns extremely large, but they were also enemies of the Gods and would frequently cause trouble for them. Therefore, based on the size of the creature and the look of the surrounding environment, we can comfortably assume that this creature terrorizing Elsa is actually a jötunn.

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Watching Frozen 2 on the big screen is one thing, but being able to experience the place that inspired it, will help you understand the magic of the Frozen universe in its entirety. Book a Norway tour for your next holiday and be sure to make these four Norwegian Norse Mythologies a part of your trip.