Photo: Steinar Skår/ Statens Vegvesen
Fjord Tours Articles / 27 Feb 2020

The Most Scenic Routes in Norway

Norway is home to some spectacular scenic routes. With breathtaking views around every corner, your drive or ride is bound to fly by. There are lots of ways to explore these scenic routes. There are hiking trails to walk, roads to drive, and waterways to explore. You might even find yourself enjoying the view of a spectacular fjord on a train ride.

This article will take a look at some of the most beautiful routes in Norway and the most eco-friendly ways to explore them!

Photo: Trollstigen, Nasjonal Turistveg Trollstigen -Geiranger - Jarle Waehler / Statens Vegvesen

Trollstigen Road

Trollstigen is a stunning mountain road in Western Norway. It is one of the most popular National Tourist Routes in the country. This weaving road is fairly short but once you get to the top you’ll see why so many tourists flock to Trollstigen every year. Be sure to stop at the two viewpoints on your way up and then take in the panoramic views of the mountains on the top platform lookout.

Fair warning: this drive is not for the faint of heart. Vehicles longer than 13.1 meters are not permitted to drive on this road and it is also closed during the winter months. Trollstigen Road has 11 hairpin loops each at the top of a steep cliff. Make sure you take the drive slowly! If you’re a bit nervous it’s best to let someone else take the wheel. Drivers on this road should feel confident and secure in their ability to safely navigate the turns.

Scenic Railways

There are a number of beautiful scenic railways in Norway. Whether you are looking to catch a glimpse of a glacier or a waterfall, you’ll be able to find the right route for you. We love the option of travelling a scenic route by train for a few different reasons. Firstly, it allows you to sit back, relax, and take in the view without having to worry about driving or navigating. Additionally, trains are an amazing eco-friendly travel option. You’ll feel great knowing your mode of travel is having a minimal negative impact on the stunning natural environment.

Photo: Steinar Skår/ Statens Vegvesen

Coastal Route

If you’re looking to combine a ferry ride and a car ride so you can also explore the ocean on your trip, we recommend traveling the road between Bodø and Tromsø. This route showcases Arctic nature in all its glory. Stunning and awe-inspiring mountains jut out of the sea. You’ll pass through rugged beaches and quaint, small fishing towns. Plus, your ferry ride from Andenes to Gryllefjord will give you a chance to spot some marine wildlife. This route pretty much has it all!

Photo: Nasjonal Turistveg Helgelandskysten, Saltstraumen -Steinar Skår/ Statens Vegvesen

There is no shortage of beautiful scenic routes in Norway. Each one offers a unique view of this country’s beautiful, natural landscape. The hardest part of your travels will be deciding which adventure you want to tackle first! As you plan your travels, keep in mind some of the great eco-friendly options available for your trip. Have questions on how to plan the most eco-friendly trip? Contact us at Fjord Tours to find out how we can help!

Vision Of The Fjords Sverre Hjornevik
Photo: Sverre Hjornevik