Photo: Balestrand - Bjørn Andresen / Statens Vegvesen
Fjord Tours Articles / 27 Aug 2019

Experience the Best of Norway in Sognefjord

While there are many different things to do in Norway, one of the activities that almost everyone who visits does is explore the many different fjords that are located throughout the country. It is incredibly easy to do this thanks to the multitude of tours throughout Norway that are available to tourists.

However, if someone is going to experience any fjords, then it should be the one that is the biggest in the country and second biggest in the entire world. This incredible act of nature, known as the Sognefjord, is the focus of countless fjord tours in Norway. This is for good reason, since the Sognefjord stretches onwards for more than 200 km, easily making it one of the most spectacular fjords in all of Norway. Commonly known as the "king of the fjords", this is not a destination you want to miss.

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Photo: Øyvind Heen -

Becoming One With Nature In Fjærland

The Eastern end of the Sognefjord branches off into several different fjords. One of the fjords that branches off from the Sognefjord and heads North is Fjærlandsfjorden. It travels North up through Sogn og Fjordane County and eventually reaches the town of Fjærland.

All along this route, there are great opportunities to engage in a variety of outdoor activities. For example, the largest glacier in all of Europe, Jostedalsbreen, is located near Fjærland. This provides the perfect opportunity to get out and do some glacier hiking on top of this impressive 2,000 meter thick glacier.

Speaking of glaciers, Fjærland is also where you will find the Norwegian Glacier Museum. This impressive building has been in operation since 1991 and has dedicated its efforts to inform both visitors and locals about the history of fjords and the effects that climate change has on them and the rest of the environment. If there is something that you have always wondered about fjords, then the answer will be found at this wonderful museum.

However, if you want to experience a little bit more than nature, there is also the opportunity to visit door Norwegian Booktown in Fjærland. This area contains a variety of galleries, book stores, and cafes, all of which provide an intellectual hub for you to expand your knowledge while also relaxing in a new and exciting environment.


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Photo: Katrin Moe

Getting Wet In Nærøyfjord

If you follow one of the branches South of Sognefjord, then you might end up in the Nærøyfjord, with the charming little village of Gudvangen. The journey into the Nærøyfjord is a gorgeous one thanks to the enormous mountains that tower over 1,700 meters above the surface of the water and the narrow passage which sometimes gets less than 250 meters wide.

Once you arrive at Gudvangen, you can hop into the water and start exploring on your own. For example, this area provides some of the best kayaking in Norway as the water travels along the rugged shoreline for countless kilometers. However, if the water is not quite your thing, then you can always stay dry by instead deciding to try one of the challenging hikes on the nearby mountains.

There are loads of tours on offer that include a visit to The Nærøyfjord. Find an overview of all tours including Nærøyfjorden here.

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Photo: Terje Rakke/Nordic Life AS

Experience History in Balestrand

Located on the Northern shore of Sognefjord, the municipality of Balestrand has been sitting for hundreds of years and been enticing tourists for nearly as long. For any history buffs who travel to Norway, this is an area that is an absolute must-see.

Located throughout the area are a variety of historically significant places such as St. Olaf's Church, Cooper House, the statue of King Bele, and the Norwegian Museum of Travel and Tourism. At this museum you can walk inside and have access to hundreds of different artifacts and exhibits that tell the story of the rich history of the region. One of the beloved artifacts in the area is the chair that Kaiser Wilhelm II, the German leader of World War I, was sitting in when he was told that Archduke Ferdinand had been assassinated.

These are only a few of the reasons why Sognefjord is commonly regarded as being one of the best experiences that you can have in all of Norway. By taking a tour from Fjord Tours you can experience the incredible beauty of the Sognefjord region.