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Fjord Tours Articles / 28 Apr 2020

Sustainable Tourism

In today’s tourism climate people are eager to experience a unique destination while ensuring that the environmental impact stays as low as possible. As a society, we are slowly becoming more environmentally aware, striving to become as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible.

But what is sustainable tourism and why is it important? I hear you ask.
Sustainability in itself can be defined as the ability to meet the needs of the current generation without affecting the ability of future generations to meet their needs. In order to achieve sustainability one must positively impact three main principles encompassing the economy, society, and the environment.


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Sustainable tourism commits to making a low impact on the environment and local culture. It is important in order to generate income in local economies and secure long term employment for local people. Sustainable tourism should be a positive experience for travel companies, tourists and locals alike.

How do I plan a sustainable holiday?

Examples of sustainable activities combined with travel include eco-friendly safaris in the wilds of Africa, hiking holidays in the Alps, volunteering in Costa Rican wildlife sanctuaries, or our personal favorite, chasing the Northern Lights in Northern Norway.

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Is Norway a sustainable travel destination?

In a word, YES!

Norway is one of the most environmentally conscious countries in the world. From the school curriculum to initiatives for recycling, everyone takes an interest and does their bit. Plastic bags come with an extra charge in all supermarkets, the genial “pant” system rewards people financially for returning plastic bottles and second-hand thrift stores such as Fretex thrive in towns and cities across the country.

There is a strong cross-industry focus to keep the air, the seas, and nature as free from pollution as possible. In fact, Tesla was the most sold car brand in 2019 and almost 50% of all new cars sold were fully electric.

The capital Oslo received the 2019 European Green Capital award, with the downtown core now car-free and a promise to make all public transit fossil-free by 2021.

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What are sustainable activities in Norway?

Whether you seek unforgettable cultural experiences, traveling to super cozy traditional towns or you’re more of a thrillseeker looking to climb the highest peaks, Norway has it all. In the world heritage archipelago Vega along the Helgeland coast, you can kayak, fish, bike, and see how feathers from the eider duck’s nesting boxes are collected and turned into some of the world´s most exclusive duvets.

Røros is another UNESCO protected site (there are 8 such sites in Norway), where you can visit a traditional old mining town.

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You should consider an immersion program with the indigenous Sámi people. A secretive and often outcast society, the Sami have recently embraced sustainable tourism as a vital source of local income.

Norway is renowned as a destination for hiking, ice climbing, base jumping, and fishing all of which qualify as sustainable options and we are happy to help you plan the perfect trip. Fjord Tours Norway offers whale watching, dog sledding, and electric fjord cruises. And of course...cross country skiing.

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Norway is often touted as “The Home of Skiing” and indeed boasts some of the best conditions in the world. The tradition dates back thousands of years to a time when skis were used purely as a means of transportation across the winter landscape. Rock drawings have been discovered depicting hunters using some kind of primitive ski but it was not until the early 1800s, that skiing began to develop into a leisure sport. Away from the chair-lifts and resorts, there are thousands of km waiting to explore at no cost to the environment.

Whatever you choose to do on your next holiday, choose sustainability and we hope that not only will you choose Norway but you will choose Fjord Tours to guide you along the way.