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Fjord Tours Articles / 12 Jan 2022

The Aurlandsfjord

Located on the spectacular Sognefjord is Aurlandsfjord, one of Norway’s most idyllic fjords. It’s often referred to as the “Grand Canyon” of Norway, and it’s not a sight you want to miss. With the awe-inspiring beauty it has to offer, one can easily see why this is one of the most visited and photographed fjords in the area.

Let’s take a look at some of the best things to do while exploring this part of Norway!

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Enjoy panoramic views at Stegastein

One of the activities in the area that international travelers look forward to the most is going up to the Stegastein viewpoint to get a full panoramic view of the stunning Aurlandsfjord. You don’t need to travel by boat to get there – you can drive through Aurland and follow the signs on the mountainside up to the area where the viewpoint is, then take a short walk out to be able to experience some of the best views in Aurlandsfjord.

You can book an electric minibus tour through the serpentine roads to the viewing platform for a fantastic and sustainable way to experience the beauty of the area. Stegastein is open all year round, so you have the option of seeing the greenery and blue hues of summer, or a beautiful snowy wonderland that you definitely won’t see anywhere else.

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Cruise on the Aurlandsfjord

One of the best ways to really view the fjord is to get out on the water. Because of the popularity of the area, the ferries on the fjord are often crowded with tourists during the high season, but that won’t stop you from seeing the majestic natural surroundings! 

Another fantastic option to explore the fjord is to join a guided kayak tour in Flåm and explore the beautiful surroundings at your own pace. This will provide you with a more private option if you’re not a fan of crowded tourist ferries, and is a fun and active way to enjoy the scenery. You can also take a RIB boat tour which will allow you to visit the quaint fjord side town of Undredal where you get to sample their world-famous goat cheese!

Located in the heart of the UNESCO world heritage landscape, Njardarheim Viking Valley allows you to learn about the history, culture, and lifestyle of the Vikings. Here, you’ll find knowledgeable people who are enthusiastic about the Viking era and who are all excited to share their way of life with visitors. You can get a guided tour of the village, eat traditionally prepared Viking food, participate in an ax-throwing competition or aim for the bullseye while shooting arrows. 

Photo: Jarle Wæhler / Statens vegvesen

Drive through Lærdalstunnelen

Lærdalstunnelen (the Lærdal Tunnel) is a 25.4 kilomtre long stretch that connects Aurland and Lærdal. It’s the world’s longest car tunnel and it helps to provide a ferry-free connection between Oslo and Bergen. It cuts into the mountain, so this fascinating tunnel provides an experience that allows you to experience the mountains both inside and out.

During construction, emphasis was placed on the lighting to prevent monotony in the driving experience. A team of psychologists played a part in the lighting by advising the use of blue and orange to mimic natural light at sunrise, and Lærdalstunnelen is a very interesting attraction for visitors to Aurlandsfjorden!

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Experience the Flam Railway and Sognefjord

The train ride on the Flåm Railway is said to be one of the most beautiful railway experiences in the world. The train runs from Aurlandsfjord to the Myrdal mountain train station, and anyone would enjoy this scenic journey. In just one hour, you’ll be taken from the bottom of Aurlandsfjord to the high peak of Myrdal, which is over 800 meters above sea level. The stunning train ride provides you with panoramic views of the wild nature, mountaintops covered in a soft white blanket of snow, lush nature, cascading waterfalls, lush greenery, and fjord side farms.

You can combine a ride with the Flam railway with a boat cruise on the Sognefjord and Aurlandsfjord on the popular Sognefjord in a Nutshell tour. On this tour, you get to explore the Sognefjord area with its exceptional natural beauty, high mountains, and roaring waterfalls. Along the fjord, you will find charming villages where you relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery, or have some fun and action-packed adventures.

There are a number of spectacular sights to see and activities to take part in during your visit to Aurlandsfjord. We hope you enjoy your visit to this stunning part of Norway!

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