Photo: Svein Ulvund - Voss
Fjord Tours Articles / 9 Nov 2021

Voss: Home of adventure

The Voss region in Norway is a true adventure capital. The area is host to magnificent landscapes, fantastic experiences, drawing in countless visitors every year. Voss is known internationally for the adventures that can be found here, but that’s not all the area is known for.

Photo: Tonje Brattås

Where is Voss?

The Voss region is situated in the west of Norway. The Voss area spans just over 2000 square meters and includes snow-capped mountains, fast-flowing rivers, deep forests, and tranquil lakes.

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Photo: Paul vindal Overkonduktør - vy

How do you get to Voss?

Whilst Voss is considered quite remote, it’s in fact easily accessed thanks to the Bergen Railway - a scenic railway that connects Western and Eastern Norway. Accessing this unique space is as easy as jumping on a train from the capital Oslo, and speeding through the beautiful landscape until you find an area that takes your fancy. The entire trip from the capital to Voss takes around 6 hours. Voss is also included on the Norway in a Nutshell tour® and a stop here is highly recommended.

If you prefer to go by road, you can jump on many different bus options from all around Europe, or rent a car using a car rental service.

Photo: Voss rafting

What can you do in Voss?

Voss truly has something for every age and all types of vacations. Given its strong reputation for adrenaline junkies, most people don’t come to Voss to put their feet up! There is a wide range of amazing activities available that are sure to get your heart racing.

Hailed as the ‘Adrenaline capital of Norway’, the Voss region holds the world-famous ‘Ekstremsportveko’ (Extreme Sports Week) every year. It’s held in high regard with all daredevils  – quoted as the premier location to get your heart beating faster than ever before. If you’ve ever wanted to try bungee jumping, white water rafting, or even indoor skydiving, you can do that here. The extreme sports here are safe, fun for all, and should be on everyone’s bucket list!

When you visit Voss, you can expect an active holiday with thrilling activities for any age. However, it’s not all action and adrenaline – Voss has plenty to offer for those looking for more peaceful activities in stunning nature. You can mountain-bike through the rolling hills, or go skiing at either the Myrkdalen Mountain Resort or Voss Resort – one of Norway’s most famous resorts with over 70 km of trails across all skill levels. However you choose to fill your days, expect a jam-packed trip!

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Photo: Erik Østlie

Where can you stay in Voss?

Voss has a wide range of accommodation options, suited for all budgets. If you want to be situated underneath the trees with beautiful views of the uninterrupted night sky, you can check into Voss Camping with your tent, or hire one of their cozy cabins. If you’re traveling solo and want to meet like-minded daredevil friends, the Voss Hostel is an affordable choice with a view to match.

If you like to splurge, the Fleischer's Hotel offers comfortable rooms and fantastic facilities (including an indoor pool!) which might be more suited to your trip.

Are you searching for a unique place to stay, Store Ringheim Hotel & Restaurant is perfect! The collection of old farm buildings around a courtyard in an area of cultivated countryside nestling among high mountains, all combined with a high standard of comfort and style, makes the Store Ringheim Hotel a very special place.

In addition to your standard accommodation, the Voss region also has a wide variety of Guesthouses and Airbnbs. There are hundreds of choices for that well-deserved sleep after a long day of experiences in Voss!

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Photo: Store Ringheim Hotel

When should you visit Voss?

With a beautiful landscape all year round, you truly can visit Voss whenever your heart desires. When you are in your planning phases, it’s best to check with your sport choices to see if there are any restrictions – for example, if your goal is skiing or snowshoe hiking, then the best time to go to Voss is obviously during the winter season -  from December to April.

In May, the white water rafting season starts, lasting until mid October. If you are a real white water enthusiast - the high water is usually from June to mid July when the snow melts - giving you the biggest rapids! Between August till September, you can go rafting at Raundalen, which runs through a beautiful and isolated canyon, famous for its color. This river is considered one of the most technical rivers in Norway, and highly skilled guides make it possible for beginners to also join in on this tour. If you think this is too much - you can always attend a family rafting

Late June is the time when thousands of extreme sports athletes from all over the world travel to Norway for one reason: Ekstremsportveko - the world’s largest extreme sport- and music festival of its kind! It’s fun to try out the different sports, or even just watch them, and dance your night away at one of the many evening concerts. 

Voss is one of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the world. With comfortable accommodations and a huge variety of things to do, it is a fantastic choice for your next holiday.

Enjoy you trip to beautiful Voss!

Photo: Voss Vind/Sverre Hjornevik