Photo: Lyngsfjord Adventure
Fjord Tours Articles / 20 Nov 2019

6 Exciting Winter Activities in Norway

Many people choose to book their Norway fjord cruise for the summertime when they can experience things like the Midnight Sun. The knowledge that many parts of Northern Norway can quite cold during the winter season is usually enough to convince tourists not to book their round trips for Norway anytime between November and March.

However, there are also many reasons why people might want to visit in the wintertime. In fact, here are six great reasons why tourists should come visit Norway in the winter season.

Husky Safari 2
Photo: Tromsø Safari

Dog Sledding

It is hard to go sledding when there is nothing but dirt, rocks, and grass on the ground. However, once November rolls around, much of Northern Norway will be covered in a pristine blanket of snow. This means that the dog sleds can come out and the locals and visitors can get the opportunity to participate in this exciting adventure.

In order to experience the best dog sledding opportunities, you should head up to Lyngsfjord and seek out the town of Tromsø. There, you can either choose to ride in a dog sled or even pilot your own team of dogs as you race across a seemingly endless stretch of secluded land. There is nothing quite like being pulled through a field of snow by several Huskies while you look around and admire the forest and mountain scenery. 

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Photo: Lyngsfjord Adventure

Reindeer Sledding

If dog sledding does not quite sound like your thing, then there is also the option to do some reindeer sledding instead. This is a slower-paced activity and offers you the opportunity to not only meet a reindeer up close and personal, but also meet some of the indigenous Sami people and learn all about their culture. This combination of being able to relax and learn at the same time makes this a truly fantastic winter activity.

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Photo: Sverre Hjørnevik/ www,

Snowshoe Hiking

Further into the winter season, much of Southern Norway will also see its fair share of snow. This means that if you want to stick around the popular southern Norwegian cities of Oslo and Bergen, then you can do so while still participating in some fantastic winter activities.

For example, at the end of December, many people visit the area around Flåm in order to partake in some exceptional snowshoe hiking. Rather than traditional hiking, this activity allows you to get the same amount of workout while also looking out onto a gorgeous landscape covered in a light layer of snow. It is sure to be something that looks like it came straight out of a fairytale. 


Photo: Uteguiden

Winter Kayaking

Most people think of kayaking as a warm-weather activity. However, in the Norwegian town of Ålesund, winter kayaking has become an increasingly popular activity. This is because the Gulf stream gives the waters throughout the town a vast amount of clear water that makes it incredibly easy to see all of the various fish and aquatic life that exist in the area.

You do not have to worry about cold winter temperatures either as long as you are fitted with a dry suit because you will be sure to stay warm and keep your blood flowing once you begin to actually start paddling. The multiple hours it takes to complete the winter kayaking journey is almost certain to be better than any kayaking you may have done in the summer.

Lyngen Snowmobile 2
Photo: Tromsø Safari

Snowmobile Safaris

Snowmobiling is another winter-only activity. And even for someone who is not that into adventure travel and has never had snowmobiling on their radar, snowmobiling in Norway is an activity no one should miss. This is because the snowmobile safari tours located near Tromsø offer some of the most gorgeous views you will ever experience.

Within a short distance of the northern Norway city is a series of remote mountains and inland valleys. By hopping on a snowmobile and traveling down a guided trail, you can climb to a height of over 850 meters and are even given the chance to partake in some exceptional ice fishing.

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Photo: Thea Hermansen

Winter Fjord Safaris

Exploring the best fjords in Norway during the summer months is a completely different experience from exploring them during the winter months. This is because the frigid temperatures change a lot about the usual fjord scenery, which makes it feel like you are touring a completely different part of the world.

These winter fjord safari tours based out of Flåm move through Nærøyfjord and give you a glimpse of some truly astonishing winter landscapes. The many different waterfalls that are located throughout the fjord will likely be turned into a giant glistening icicle rather than the flowing stream of water that they usually are. The water will also appear much clearer, making spotting wildlife a lot easier. If you are brave enough, you will even have the opportunity to jump in and do a little cold water swimming.

In addition, it will also likely be a lot less busy since not as many people tend to visit during the winter season, which means that you will have more time to admire things and engage in exciting activities without being interrupted or limited by other visitors.

All of these exciting activities and more are exclusively available during the winter season. This is more than enough of a reason to start booking numerous things to do in Norway for your upcoming winter visit, check our great winter tours and activities in Norway HERE!