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Fjord Tours Articles / 22 Dec 2021

The world’s oldest pair of skis discovered in Norway

People have lived in Norway for around 12,000 years, and a huge amount of historical artifacts have been found in the country that gives us a window into how people lived in the past. Much like so many Norwegians still do today, ancient people used skis. A recent incredible find in the melting ice of a remote Norwegian glacier proved to be one of the world’s oldest and well-preserved skis!

A fascinating find

7 years ago, a 1300-year old wooden ski was found on the mountain of Digervarden in southern Norway. At the time, archeologists and researchers hoped the second ski may also be nearby. In September 2021, Norwegian archeologists discovered the matching ski that completes the pair. The amazing find is the world’s oldest pair of well-preserved wooden skis, dating back to before the Viking age.

The ancient skis are truly a rare find – only two pre-Viking skis with preserved bindings exist in the world. Found in the deep Digervarden ice patch, these are the world’s best-preserved pre-historic pair of skis, and the incredible find has naturally received a lot of attention internationally.

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Photo: Espen Finstad,

Proud Norwegian skiing traditions

Historically, skiing wasn’t mostly for enjoyment and exercise like it is for most of us today. For the ancient people who inhabited Norway all those years ago, skiing was an effective mode of transport on the snowcovered ground. It’s incredible to think of how long skiing traditions have survived, and how they’re thriving today. Norway is one of the world’s top skiing destinations due to the incredible natural scenery and great skiing opportunities.

It’s internationally known that Norwegians have a long-standing and proud history with skiing. During the winter in many parts of Norway, you never have to go far to discover some perfect trails for skiing. People travel from around the globe to experience the stunning landscape of this Nordic winter wonderland with its snow-capped peaks, fairytale forests, and fresh air.

Photo 16 Andreas Christoffer Nilsson, Secretsoftheice.Com
Photo: Andreas Christoffer Nilsson, Secretsoftheice.som

What are the best places to go skiing in Norway?

For those planning a skiing holiday in Norway, there are a number of fantastic locations that’ll provide the perfect winter wonderland for you to strap on your skis and explore. Skiing in Norway is at the top of many people’s list of dream winter activities, so it’s no wonder that a lot of people want to know what the best ski destinations in Norway are!

Most Norwegians love to ski, and we love to share the joy of skiing with others. In Norway, skiing is for everyone and it doesn’t matter whether you’re a timid first-timer or looking forward to some high-speed action on the slopes. Whether you’re a total beginner or a seasoned skiing pro, you’re guaranteed to have a fantastic experience in Norway’s winter wonderland. Norway’s best ski resorts are also very family-friendly, so you can take the whole family along for the experience.

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Photo: Jon Hunnålvatn Tøn

What are Norway’s best ski resorts?

Norway has a number of fantastic ski resorts and skiing destinations to offer depending on where you’d like to go, what your skill level is and what type of skiing you’re most interested in. If you’re ready to hit the slopes, planning a skiing holiday is easy with our all-in-one SkiTicket!

Trysil is Norway's biggest ski resort. It’s popular with both Norwegians and international ski enthusiasts, offering over 70 km of ski slopes just waiting to be experienced. Here, the slopes are varied and well-suited to different skill levels. Skiing along snowcapped mountains and deep in green forests covered by a blanket of white snow in the unspoiled nature in Trysil is truly an experience to remember! Located close to the Swedish border, you can easily get to Trysil from Oslo on a train or bus which should take about 2.5-3 hours.

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Photo: ©Sverre F. Hjørnevik

Voss Resort is Western Norway's largest ski center and one of the best skiing destinations in Norway. It has in recent years become a very popular destination for skiing enthusiasts from Norway and all over the world. Easily accessible with the Voss Gondola, you can arrive at Voss Station by train and simply hop on the gondola which takes you to the slopes in only 8 minutes. The SkiTicket to Voss is a great shout for anyone looking to hone their skills in beautiful surroundings!

Myrkdalen in Western Norway is also a great ski resort and one of the snowiest skiing destinations in Norway! In Myrkdalen you will find slopes of all kinds as well as some great and challenging off-piste terrain. With SkiTicket you get transport and ski pass to the lifts - all in one easy package deal!

Geilo is another example of Norway’s best ski resorts, situated around halfway between Oslo and Bergen. This family-friendly skiing destination is beautifully situated next to two national parks and is perfect for those looking to explore the incredible natural beauty of the Norwegian landscape. In fact, for many tourists, traveling to Geilo is a big part of the experience – the most beautiful way to get there is by enjoying a scenic train ride from Bergen to Oslo.

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