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Terms and Conditions - Fjord Pass®

Fjord Pass® is a discount card that gives you discount on activities/sights, selected tourist boat routes and rental car in Norway.

The Fjord Pass® is a discount card packed with fantastic activities from top museums, Norwegian culture, sightseeing, nature and wildlife safaris, water activities, theme and leisure parks and sports. The selection features many of the most popular attractions in Norway and many more, making sure there's something to suit all tastes.

Fjord Pass® was established in 1982.


  • NOK 150,-


  • Activities 10-40% off
  • Rental car 15% off
  • Selected tourist boat routes by car 15% off

Other information

  • Fjord Pass® is valid for 2 adults and 2 children (0-15 years)
  • Valid all year (until 31 December the year it is purchased)
  • Fjord Pass® can be displayed physically as a card or you can download the Fjord Pass® App to your phone.

You can buy the Fjord Pass® here.