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Climbing forest in Evje

Experience a day of fun in the treetops in the grand climbing forest park in Evje - a memorable day, fun for the whole family!

The climbing forest (Klatreskogen) is situated besides the Mineral Park, south of Evje. The park is built in a natural Pine forest on the banks of the river Otra.The river spills into a sandy bay providing the perfect location for a Climbing park built on both sides of a natural ampitheatre.

The trees in the forest are over 100 years old and the forest floor is covered with Blueberry bushes. The Grand park has 45 different activities, all built into the trees between 4 – 8 metres high. There are 4 zip wires, that all cross water, the longest of which is 180 metres long!

The view from the tree tops is stunning and the location of the “Klatreskogen” is without doubt one of the finest in the world. The water is crystal clear and on a calm day you can see fish swimming in the river as you glide through the air. Trips on the course begin every 20 minutes and the Grand park takes between 1,5 to 2,5 hours to complete. The Grand park has a total of 7 sections including one section on rock that traverses over the river.

Each participant must take a compulsory safety course of 15 minutes prior to starting the course. There are several instructors out in the park who will ensure the safety rules are followed. These activities include; rope bridges, Tarzan swings, ladders, balance activities, nets and zip wires.

Good to know

  • Highest point: Rope Passage (site 4) 8,40M
  • Longest Zip Wire: Site 5 Zip Wire 180 m
  • Longest crossing: Rail Track (site 4) 14.10m
  • Total length of all crossings: 1115m
  • Number of crossings: 45, number of sections: 7
  • The grand park is open for adults and children over 140 cm.
  • The discovery park for adults and children over 100 cm
  • Running or walking shoes recommended. Open toed sandals or flip flops are not permitted
  • The maximun permitted weight on the Park is 130 Kg
  • Children under 14 years of age needs to be accompanied on the course by an adult. 
  • 14-17 year olds do not need to accompanied, but they do need signed consent from an adult
  • Fitness

    Fitness Level

  • Season


    20.JUN - 23-AUG

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