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Trolltunga Zipline Tour

Join in on this exciting activity with a huge "wow" factor! Here you bike, hike and fly through the air on ziplines - all framed by beautiful nature scenery.

This trip starts by the Ringedalen dam in Skjeggedal, where you bicycle 7 km to the end of Ringedalen lake. After around half a kilometer of uphill walking you arrive at Tyssebotn.

Here the group takes a short lunch break, before you embark on a ride through the air on 3 ziplines, a total lenght of 600 meters!

The ziplines brings you back down to the lake, around 200 meters below. A fun and exciting day in beautiful nature scenery!

Good to know

  • Meeting place: The Trolltunga Active Store in Skjeggedal, about 15 km drive from Odda
  • Age limit: 15 years
  • Physical requirements: Good shape, weight limit is 110 kg
  • The price includes all necessary climbing equipment and bicycle rental
  • Professional guides are with you and you travel on yearly controlled and certificated routes
  • Please note that you do not go to Trolltunga during this activity. If you would like to visit Trolltunga, please check out the Classic Trolltunga Hiking Tour

Please bring

  • On your body:
    Wool socks and woolen thermals, windjacket/pants (gortex is recommended), running gloves, cap, waterproof hikingboots, sunglasses and sunscreen. The reason we use wool, is because it continues to keep you warm after you get wet
  • A 40 l. backpack with:
    Beanie/hat that covers your ears, warm gloves/mittens, dry wool socks, extra warm clothes, food for 4-­5 hours, water or something to drink, snacks or chocolate

Welcome to a fun day in the air!

  • Fitness

    Fitness Level

  • Season


    19.MAY - 28.OCT

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