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Voss High Ropes & Zip-line park

Looking for tree-to-tree crossings, ziplines and exciting obstacles high up in the trees? Search no more. A fun adventure like no other awaits you.

2h, 30min
13.MAY - 17.OCT

Voss High Ropes & Zip-Line Park is located in scenic surroundings by the Stranda river. Enjoy a fun and adventurous world high up in the treetops, while you climb, crawl or swing through the ropes course or zipline crossing the river. 

Tour description

You will get access to the main course and the zipline park, offering 27 unique challenging elements and 7 ziplines. The highest element is 14 meters above ground. The different trails are varied, fun and challenging for all ages. Here you will overcome your fears and help others with theirs whilst having fun all the way round!

Main course: Climb a rope ladder to the first platform and then make your way through the loops. Each element presents different challenges and there are several junctions where you can take a short-cut past some of the more challenging elements.

You will be using a harness and sling system that allows you to move between activities whilst staying connected to the safety system. Before entering the main course, you will be equipped with the correct harness and safety system then take part in a training and instruction briefing.

Zip-line park: Zip through the forest from tree to tree and over the river! The longest zip-line is 150m long, flying over rapids of the Stranda River. The zip-lines use the same Continuous Belay pulley system used for the smaller high rope courses where it is not possible to undo the connection of the pulley on the wire.

Before starting, you are given the correct equipment and instruction briefing, then lead to the ‘Mother Tree’ start platform, above the reception terrace. You will then fly through the forest from tree to tee, eventually landing beside the river near the south side of the park.

Enjoy a fun and challenging day in the treetops!

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