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Rallarvegen - mountain biking package tour

An exceptionally beautiful cycle route that will leave unforgettable impressions, from "the Roof of Norway" down to the fjord!

On this biking trip you cycle on an exceptionally beautiful route that will leave memorable impressions, from "the Roof of Norway" down to the fjord! This tour can be started in Oslo, Bergen or Haugastøl. You can start your cycling trip towards Flåm in either Haugastøl or Finse. The trip can be completed in one day, but we highly recommend that you add overnight stays along the route.  

About Rallarvegen (the Navvies' Road):

As the name suggests the Rallarvegen road dates back to the time when the road was used by navvies during the construction of the Bergen Railway. Today Rallarvegen is best known as a cycle route of exceptional beauty, offering a multitude of experiences.

Rallarvegen starting point

The Rallarvegen starts in Haugastøl and climbs steadily up to Finse, a distance of 27 km. There, at an altitude of 1,222 metres, you can pay a visit to Rallarmuseet, the navvies’ museum, where you can discover how navvies lived and the tools and aids they used in the construction of the Bergen Railway.

Stay overnight in Finse so that you are rested for the next day's leg of the Rallarvegen. If you have extra time, Finse has a lot to offer - the Hardangerjøkulen glacier, glacier walks, galleries and an unspoiled landscape. It is also possible to start the cycling trip from Finse.

Rallarvegen stops

A popular stop during the cycling trip is the signalman's cabin, Fagernut Vokterbolig. The house, dated 1904, is the highest of its kind in Norway at 1,310 metres. There you will find a café and an exhibition about life as a signalman high up in the mountains.

Hallingskeid to Vatnahalsen

The section from Hallingskeid to Vatnahalsen is for many the most spectacular legs of the Rallarvegen, with steep slopes and wild, thundering waterfalls. From Vatnahalsen continue through the Flåmsdalen valley to Flåm.

When you arrive at Flåm you leave your rental bikes at Flåm Station. They bikes will be returned to the bike rental company, this is included in the listed price.


  • Train, Bergen-Haugastøl/Finse, approx. 3 hours
  • Train, Oslo-Haugastøl/Finse, approx. 4 timer
  • Train, Flåm/Myrdal-Bergen, approx. 3 hours
  • Train, Flåm-Myrdal-Oslo, approx. 6 hours
  • Rallarvegen biking trail, Haugastøl - Finse ca 27 km
  • Rallarvegen biking trail, Finse - Fagernut ca 10 km
  • Rallervegen biking trail, Fagernut - Hallingskeid ca 11 km
  • Rallarvegen biking trail, Hallingskeid - Vatnahalsen ca 15 km
  • Rallarvegen biking trail, Vatnahalsen - Flåm ca 17 km

Travel tip

There are a lot of places you can add overnight stays, for example in Finse, Vatnahalsen, Flåm. You customize your own tour during the booking process, starting on this page! 

Remember to take care of and respect the nature during you journey!

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Add an activity in Flåm during the Rallarvegen cycling trip!

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