Video: Fjord Norway/Visit Norway
Video: Fjord Norway/Visit Norway

Rallarvegen Mountain Biking Package Tour

The Rallarvegen is an exceptionally beautiful cycle route that will leave unforgettable impressions, from "the Roof of Norway" down to the fjord! You can also combine this cycling trip with a breathtaking fjord cruise on the Nærøyfjord or "fly" a zipline to Flåm!

Multiple locations
1 day+
Suitable for all
5.JUL - 26.SEPT

The Rallarvegen is the most popular cycling trip in Norway and guaranteed to be an experience you will never forget! 

The bike ride on Rallarvegen is truly beautiful and the ride from the "roof of Norway" down to the Aurlandsfjord will give you unforgettable memories! Steep slopes, majestic waterfalls, beautiful scenery, cozy stops and spectacular viewpoints points along the trail are just some of the highlights on the toor. With Fjord Tours you get the whole experience in one easy booking!

Rallarvegen Tour

On the Rallarvegen Original Tour, you cycle from Finse or Haugastøl to Flåm. From Flåm you travel on the scenic Flåm Railway to Myrdal and back to your starting destination by train. This tour can be taken as a day trip, but some of the variations require overnight stays along the route.

Rallarvegen with Fjord Cruise

On the Rallarvegen with Fjord Cruise, you cycle from Finse to Flåm, where an overnight stay is required. From Flåm you continue by taking a fjord cruise to Gudvangen on the amazing UNESCO-protected Nærøyfjorden. From Gudvangen you travel by bus to Voss (incl. a stop at Stalheim Hotel) and continue by train to your final destination. 

Rallarvegen with Zipline

On the Rallarvegen & zipline tour, you start the bike ride from Finse to Vatnahalsen where the exciting zipline trip starts. Here you, after safety instructions, ‘fly’ with the zipline through the wild and beautiful nature down to Kårdal in Flåmsdalen. After a short break at Rallarosa, you cycle down Flåmsdalen to Flåm. Flåmsbana takes you to Myrdal, where you go on the Bergen Railway which takes you back to your starting destination.

Starting points and route alternatives

You can start from Oslo, Bergen, Geilo, Haugastøl, or Flåm and choose whether you want to combine the bike ride with a trip on the Flåm Railway, a fjord cruise on Nærøyfjorden, or with Zipline to Flåm. The bike ride starts from Finse. You only get to Finse by train.

Explore more

There are several ways to complete this trip and you can easily add accommodations and other exciting activities along the route when you book.

Remember to take care of and respect nature during your journey!

Add an activity in Flåm during the Rallarvegen cycling trip!

Places to stay during the Rallarvegen cycling trip