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Bergen City Cruise

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Discover Bergen by boat on this exciting and historical cruise from the harbour in Bergen!

This is a harbor cruise that starts from Zachariasbryggen in Bergen and passing the famous Unesco listed Bryggen in Bergen. The trip also passes close to the famous Håkonshallen and Rosenkrantztårnet, which is considered the most important Renaissance monument in Norway. Parts of the tower are from the 1270s, but have been rebuilt several times as defenses and as a power demonstration to self-reliant Hanseatic traders.

You will get close on to the famous dry fish sheds in Skuteviken and in Sandviken. Hæggernæs roller mill is located at the end of the Hegreneset in Sandviken.

The tour then crosses the city fjord to the island Askøy, the name Askøy comes from the tree variety Ash. Ash is used for shipbuilding, building houses etc, and the leaves of the tree were widely used on make tea off in older times and have a healing effect.

About half way over the city fjord we pass over a unique part of world history. The famous American submarine Nautilus.

You will sail through the narrow strait and into the area where Norway's largest naval battle took place. The battle at Florvåg or Florvågslaget was a large sea battle fought on April 3 1194 outside Florvåg on Askøy. 2500 warriors died when King Sverre fought the Øyskjegene around the islets in Florvåg.

The trip continues from Askøy over to the Kvarven, where Kvarven fortress lies, before you return to Bergen harbour.

Practical information

  • Meeting point: Zachariasbryggen by the fish market
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Your adventure ends in the city centre where you started the trip

Travel tip

Bergen is known as "the gateway to the fjords" and a stop in Bergen is included in most of our tours. If you book one of our tours, you can add this activity in the booking process. 

Remember your camera - have a nice trip!

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