Photo: Brim Explorer

Bubbles & Brunch on the Oslo Fjord

Join in on an electric fjord cruise in Oslo and see the city from a different angle! Experience the atmosphere inside a warm and comfortable panoramic lounge or outside from one of our spacious decks, while enjoying a delicious brunch from the award-winning Oslo restaurant Einer.

2h, 30min
Suitable for all
01.JAN - 31.DEC

This summer you can go on a unique and chilled-out experience onboard the hybrid electric ship Brim. The vessel departs from Aker Brygge at midday and slowly sail in the inner Oslofjord.

Tour description

When the sun is at its highest, you will be served an organic brunch menu from the exclusive Restaurant Einer. The Bar is open, the glasses are dewy and we celebrate that it is summer and weekend in the Oslofjord!

With a view to the Opera, Hovedøya, Nesoddlandet, Fornebu, and Bygdøy, the quiet electric motor does not overwhelm the summer music, the waves, or the mood. After a couple of hours in the fjord, we will return to Aker Brygge, and if you like you can enjoy the sun on the boat deck for a few more hours before you stroll into the Oslo evening.

Summer rain or wind will not ruin the fjord experience. The boat's panoramic lounge and many indoor seating areas make it possible to enjoy the experience in a warm and comfortable atmosphere no matter the weather.

Have a nice trip!