Photo: Skjolden Adventures

Fjord RIB Adventure + Feigefossen Waterfall Hike

Combine a RIB-boat tour on the Lustrafjord with a waterfall hike to the impressive 218-meter tall Feigefossen waterfall! Experience the wonderful Lustrafjord and let local guides introduce you to the unique story around the fjord.

3h, 30min
11.JUN - 25.AUG

This adventure takes you on an unforgettable expedition in a secure and rigid inflatable boat (RIB) into the Norwegian fjord landscape. Feel the breeze in your hair and relax to music from the stereo, while you enjoy beautiful views of the fjord, mountains and waterfalls. 

Tour description

The tour starts at Skjolden Brygge and takes you along the north shore of the Lustrafjord. From the fjord, you will have great views of the farms and villages where people have lived and worked for centuries. We make short stops at the different attractions along the way for photo opportunities and local history. The old Otta-tunnel, the village of Marifjøra, and the old juice factory in Sørheim are examples of these.

If we are lucky, curious porpoises and seals could show up near the RIB to greet us on our fjord safari. After an hour on the Lustrafjord, the inner part of the Sognefjord, it is possible to experience the refreshing waterfall cascades at close range. 

After you are finished with the RIB-boat tour we go ashore in Feigum. From Feigum we start a 30 minutes hike on a rocky walking trail up to a viewpoint close to Feigefossen waterfall. From here you will get a good view of the impressive cascades of water. For those extra adventurous, it is a possibility to go even further, all the way to the foot of the waterfall, where a refreshing experience is guaranteed! 

The hike goes along the Feigum river and takes approx. 1,5 hours as a roundtrip. The trail is a well-maintained mountain trail, but after rainy days is can be slippery and muddy, so good footwear is recommended. 

After the waterfall experience, we walk back to the RIB-boat and glide back to Skjolden.  

Enjoy the beautiful Lustrafjord and amazing Feigefossen!