Photo: Go2Lofoten AS

Midnight safari in Lofoten with RIB

Join in on a fjord safari in The Kingdom of The Midnight Sun! The midnight sun is an amazing natural phenomenon that can be experienced summertime, north of the Arctic Circle.

2 hours
Suitable for all
21.JUN - 01.AUG

We'd like to invite you on an incredible ride in Lofoten under the most magical circumstances possible, in the light of the midnight sun! When the midnight sun has moved to its lowest over the horizon, you may experience an incredible play of colors that can take your breath away. ​

Tour description

On this beautiful journey from Svolvær via Molldøra and to Skrova, you will pass several historical places such as Oddvær, Kjeppsøy, Skjoldvær, Haversand, Brettesnes, Haverdalen and Grundstad. The guide brings fish along on the tour so there is a good chance to get a glimpse of the impressiv sea eagle.

On the way back to Svolvær we will be able to see the midnight sun going down behind the amazing "Lofoten wall"!

Visit beautiful Svolvær on the Legendary Lofoten tour.

Welcome to a fun and exciting trip in The Kingdom of The Midnight Sun!