Midnight Sun Fishing Trip in Lofoten

The Midnight Sun is an amazing natural phenomenon that can be seen during summertime, north of the Arctic Circle. On this amazing experience, you go on a fishing trip under the midnight sun in Svolvær, Lofoten, and catch your own fish!

4 hours
17.JUN - 31.JUL

When the Midnight Sun has moved to its lowest over the horizon, you can experience an incredible play of colors that can take your breath away. If you are into fishing, or just looking for a different experience, we highly recommend this nightly fishing trip under the Midnight Sun!

Tour description

This trip starts from the floating pier in Svolvær where you meet your guide. You will get receive guidance and instructions from the boats capable crew, both in terms of fishing, fishing gear, and safety procedures. On the fishing trip, the most common fishes to catch are cod, pollock, haddock, and mackerel.

Along the way, you will experience the Lofoten archipelago with steep mountains, islets, and sheaves. On this summer adventure, you catch your own fish, while admiering the beautiful sight of the Midnight Sun! Try out your fishing luck on this fantastic experience in Lofoten!

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