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RIB-Tour & Cider Tasting in Hardanger

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Join in on a RIB-boat tour on the Hardangerfjord, walking through beautiful orchards and tasting of apple juice/cider from Hardanger - all in one tour!

This is a Guided Fjord tour with RIB from Øystese through fjords with steep mountain sides. On the way back you land on the idyllic and traditional Steinstø Fruit farm at the far end of the fjord branch Fyksesund.

Tour description

The boat trip to the fjord branch Fyksesund is an experience in itself. The fjord has a long history with isolated mountain farms and the roadless hamlet Botnen which is one of the most authentic and protected cultural landscapes in Hardanger. There will be several stops close to land and waterfalls along the way, so it is important to have a camera easily accessible.

Guided tour and side tasting at Steinstø Fruktgard
When you arrive at the port at Steinstø, you will be greeted by a 9th generation fruit farmer at Steinstø Fruit farm. The farmer takes you on a guided tour through his orchard where you will be served the story of the farm and how it is run today. Afterwards, you go down to the farm restaurant "Kjedlaren" where you are served finger food/tapas, tasted fruit/berries from the farm, and several of the farm's self-produced apple juice/ciders. Steinstø Fruit farm produces traditional cider from Hardanger both with and without bubbles.
The farm has a distinctive sweetness and aroma in its apples which is reflected in the taste of the apple juices and ciders. Finally, the trip passes the cider production where you can buy the protected cider from Hardanger before it is time to get on the boat again and cruise back to Øystese.

Visit Øystese on the Hardangerfjord in a nutshell tour.

Practical information

  • Meeting place: In the lobby at Hardangerfjord Hotel i Øystese, see map HERE
  • Included: Thermal floating suit, life west hat, gloves, tasting of apple cider/ juice, finger food and fruit/berries and guiding
  • An experienced guide will be with you on the trip, safety instructions will be given in advance
  • Dress in practical clothes and shoes, remember sunglasses
  • Do you have any damage, physical or mental limitations or require special medical assistance? Give us a message and write it down when signing. Pregnant women 3. month or persons with problems in the back, knee, neck etc are advised to not participate
  • Visible drugs or alcohol affected persons are not allowed to participate
  • Age limit: 4 years. Adults from 12 years

Enjoy an exciting trip on the Hardangerfjord!

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