Photo: © Tromsø Friluftsliv
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Wildlife, culture and scenery tour by RIB boat in Tromsø

  • Fjord Cruises and Fjord Safari

Go on a real arctic adventure this winter! Exploring the breathtaking scenery of the fjords surrounding Tromsø, while hunting for amazing wildlife experiences!

On this tour we pick you in Tromsø by bus and take you to a base camp north on Kvaløya. During the drive you can sit back, relax and enjoy the beautiful coastal scenery while an expert guide informs you about the adventure that awaits and what to look for once you are on the boat.

At the base you will receive clothes so that you're well prepared for the tour. On the trip out into the fjords your guide will guide you through the beautiful coastal landscape and give you some useful facts about Tromsø and about the trip you are going on.

This tour is highly recommended for nature photographers, bird watchers and people that love to see rural coastal landscape! Keep your eyes open for all the wildlife that can be found in the area; such as reindeers, elks, whales, white-tailed eagles, golden eagles, king eider, shags, guillemots and little auks. There is also a big population of seals in the area and from time to time you can see them popping their heads out from the water to have look at you.

What about the whales?

We cannot predict the migrational pattern of the whales, as they follow the herring, and the great flocks from the years back may not be back in the fjords surrounding Tromsø.

However; if we have observation of whales in the area when you are visiting us, we will have focus on looking for the whales. Previous years we have been able to see the humpback whales and the orcas from November to January, so keep your fingers crossed!

Midway through the tour we will go ashore on the small island of Gåsvær. This is a tiny island with a white traditional church that was founded and built by the local community. We have been allowed access inside, and you will be able to see for yourself what a traditional church of these parts looks like.

We will also enjoy a warm cup of coffee or tea on the church steps while telling you about the culture and history of the island and surrounding area.

Good to know

  • Duration: Approx. 5 hours with approx. 3 hours on the boat
  • Minimum age: 12 years, no discount for children
  • Wear warm wind proof clothes and good shoes
  • Pick up at Scandic Ishavshotel 10 min before departure
  • The price includes transport, an English speaking guide, warm clothes, survival suits, coffee, tea
  • Safety instructions will be given

Be sure to bring your camera!

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    01.NOV - 31.MAR